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    Telescopic hook

    Hi, I'm looking for a handy telescopic hook for retrieving a rope etc. when your arm isn't long enough =) Something like this The requirements are of course - small when not in use, long range when extended =) Any product...
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    Sap on rope dangerous?

    Hi, My friend has a stationary rope permanently installed in a pine/fur tree. He climbs up a ladder but he is secured with a rope as a backup using petzl ID to catch slack/descend. The rope is a patron treeAccess and it now has a segment that has gotten stiff, supposedly from sap that has...
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    Climbing rope out in the sun

    So I injured my hand today and had to make a quick descent and head to the hospital. Some of my gear is left in the tree, among other things my climbing line (imori). It's a private property so no risk of theft. Now I'm just worried about how the sunlight of the coming week will affect the...
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    Leave rope out for months

    I have a friend who wishes to make a rather permanent rope installation in one of his trees. How will an SRT rope like patron tree access last if it's left in a tree for many months ( Wind and rain might not be a problem but what about...
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    How best split imori in two

    I have an imori rope of 45 meters, i plan to split it in two as to make one extra long lanyard / secondary short rope for canopy work, and one longer part for using as the escape route when spiking up a tree. I'm thinking maybe 10m and 35m respectively (any good input on chosen lengths?) Do...
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    Rock climbing harness in the tree?

    I am helping a friend put together some basic equipment for securing himself in his pine tree. He has a drone and he wants to get up high and see the drone above the treetops =) He will have steps mounted on the tree for easy climbing, but for security I'm thinking SRT rope with an Petzel ID...
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    How to open protos ear cups

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Sena communication set in a pfanner protos helmet, and I've found several good videos on how to go about it. None of the videos actually show you how to go about opening up the ear cups though. I'm afraid I will break them if I just pry them apart, could anyone...
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    Pain in hands after climbing

    Hi, I started climbing a few months ago and since doing some more advanced moves out on limbs etc where I held the rope quite a bit with one hand for balance (double 12mm rope) I've had ache in the outside part of my hands (like down along the bone from the pinky finger and the one next to it...
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    Prussik diameter vs climbing line diameter

    I'm a little confused as to what diameter is approved for safe use when tying a Prussik on the climbing line. Most lines from my suppliers seem to be between 11.7mm to 12.5mm (SRT lines only 11mm). I understood the general rule to be that the Prussik should be half the diameter of the climbing...
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    Would you climb this?

    I have a pine tree that has some degree of rot, it's leaking at a position about 3m up from the ground. It also has a few slight bends. Would you consider this a high risk project to climb or is it plenty strong still? It's got branches leaning over the house so taking it down piece by piece...
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    Elbow pain

    Hi, I'm just learning the basics of treeclimbing. Two weeks ago I attended a 2 day SRT training (both chest/hand ascender and prussik-only techniques) and since then I've had pain on and off in my right elbow. I'm in pretty good average shape, I crossfit 3-5 days a week. Since that training...

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