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    Moving Chipper To The Brush
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    Fall arrest harness for dummies.

    My neighbor bought two harnesses for me at garage sales sure that I could use them for something. Well meaning but WRONG. Free for cost of shipping to people that could use them on a rescue dummy. One shows a lot of dirt and is marked XXL or something (if it matters). One looks pretty new...
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    Insurance rider - employee vehicle.

    Anytime an employee is using their vehicle to do business for your company or driving from the shop to job site (covid safety measure) - there's a separate rider for that. It is cheap.
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    People can be out of sorts.....

    I consider myself a student of human nature. It has been eye opening to watch people react to things in ways that are not in keeping with their usual ways of being. One of the ways I enjoy thinking of our motivations as humans is through a model called The Six Human Needs. It states that the...
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    Husky T540I XP

    Who has run one? What's it like compared to the previous T536 LI XP top handle electric Husky? Is it actually more powerful? Can you use previous batteries?
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    Private Messages

    Is there a limit to how many old messages you can have before you cannot receive more? And, how do you clear old messages?
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    WTB several Petzl Macrograbs

    New or good condition.
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    Insurance for Class V Truck

    Hartford had us illegally under insured this last year, 300K instead of required 750K for a commercial truck in CA. Anyone know of a good company to check prices with? @chiselbit ?
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    Write off trucks on income tax???

    Am having trouble searching TreeBuzz archives on both my computer and phone right now so I apologize if this has been written about before. My tax guy is focused on writing off mileage on my 2018 Ram 5500 hooklift truck. I didn't mind that on my 1990 pick up that was paid off forever ago, it...
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    Self Loading Short Logger

    Is anyone aware of one 2010 or newer, preferably a Pete, preferably a beefed up frame and suspension? A friend of mine just had his time run out for his older unit being on the road according to CA emission standards.
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    Stihl HT 101 and 131

    They have changed models a while back. Went from a round front tube to a squarish tube for one thing. I mostly bend my front tubes and drive shafts. On the round tubes I can put it in a crotch and gently bend it back bit by bit and get months more life out of it. The new square tubes look to...
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    Replacement heater core - Aluminum

    Don't do it. I let my mechanic put one in because, 'there would be less issues with electrolysis.' There is also less heat, like 40% less or so. Not workable.
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    ArbFest West

    ArbFest West is coming Sept. 16th and 17th in Sacramento. It was a great event last time. I know they are supposed to do a crane rigging class. And the incredible SRT class/demo is happening again.
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    Hook Lift Trucks

    Thinking of having a hook lift put on a Ram 5500 or F550. Do you know of anyone running hooklifts in the Bin There Dump That franchise? (They have a lift, Stellar, that I am thinking of using.) Anyone with hook lift experience even if it's bigger units?
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    Ram 5500 or F550???

    I’m looking at buying a new truck that is F550/Ram 5500 size with an 11 or 12 foot chip box, L Pac tool boxes and the long pole saw box down the length of the bed. I’m looking for any strong functional reasons to go with one brand over the other. Do you have any ideas about the trucks or...
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    California Structural Pruning "Tour"

    Ed Gilman with Brian Kempf presenting excellent information on pruning for future structure and Mark Chisholm on gear and climbing technique for reaching the edges of the crown. Should be amazing all the way around. Early December in Santa Rosa and Sacramento, January in Southern CA. Anyone...
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    New Lyme desease test

    Just heard about this on the news the other day. However on the news they said seeking FDA approval for the test. When I googled it this article says commercially available in... Benefits are it can be detected...
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    TreeStuff Party

    I attended a TreeStuff Party in Sebastopol CA yesterday. The best kept secret I have seen in a long time. I would have had no idea it was happening within 10 miles of my home if Lawrence, Phanner man here, hadn't told me about it days before. It was amazing. Hosted by Chad Brey there are too...
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    EHAP in Vacaville, CA

    Free workshop put on by TCIA (grant funded.) Hosted at the local Electricians Union. One union representative told me they plan to have more trainings there. Might want to get put on the email list even if you don't choose to make this training. If someone can pull a flyer over from the TCIA...

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