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  1. Steve Connally

    Grapple Saw Crane for Sale

    This is my current rig. Selling it for the upgrade to the bigger unit. See the flyer and feel free to email or text any serious inquiries.
  2. Steve Connally

    December TCIA Magazine

    Have a look. Hopefully someone will find it useful. I authored this for the latest issue
  3. Steve Connally

    Legends 2021

    Fresh off the press, 2021 isn't happening.
  4. Steve Connally

    1st Gen 201T Snellerized

    201TCM is spilling fuel out of the muffler so I pulled out the old gen 1 201T that I had Snellerized. Haven't started this saw in about 4 or maybe more years. Started on the 4th pull and screamed like a champ. Just thought that was pretty cool so I decided to share it. Have a great night!!
  5. Steve Connally

    Gunnebo GrabIQ System

    Here's a link to the video training on the chain system I use as well as @pctree Its 45 minutes but informative Watch recording
  6. Steve Connally

    Coming in 2021 Epic VA Treemek Build part deux

    So, yeah, here we go again but a little different this go around.
  7. Steve Connally

    Free Webinars

    If anybody is interested in the load cells I use or the Gunnebo GrabIQ chain system, you can sign up for a free webinar here...
  8. Steve Connally

    100” dbh Sycamore

    This tree is on the longest continuously owned property in the USA. The brick were bought in colonial Williamsburg circa 1600’s. It’s been lived in by the same family ever since. The tree was photographed during the civil war. It was awe inspiring
  9. Steve Connally

    E-Sign Documents

    I'm a subcontractor. I have a standard hold harmless and crane rental agreement I have every customer sign on every job. I currently use a 2 part carbonless form. I give the contractor a copy of it and then store pads of signed contracts in the closet for an unknown duration of time. I spend...
  10. Steve Connally

    Eagles 2020

    Just a few pics from Eagle banding on the Patuxent River in MD. Have one more day this year. If you are friends with me on FB one of the video's has some history and a lengthy explanation of what the purpose is. I think it was the second video posted. Anyway, here's a few.
  11. Steve Connally

    Sharing and Email

    Maybe this special will help somebody
  12. Steve Connally

    Aerial Rescue Challenge 2020

    watch the Wesspur and Ascension Group NW pages for upcoming information on ARC 2020. Will be the weekend after labor day in september 11-13 September in Bellingham Washington.
  13. Steve Connally

    Tree Care Operations, OSHA DOLI Small Business Impact Focus Group

    Got the call from Dept of Labor today. Here is the initial information about the small business impact panel I'm on. Look at the resources and read the stakeholders meeting from 2016. There was some interesting discussion. The Virginia Standard is basically the Z133 with some modifications...
  14. Steve Connally

    Near Miss Today

    I wanted to write about a significant near miss today. Picking a bunch of union wood on a white oak. Large unbalanced pick. We set chokers on the stem circled in red and the stub on the left side of the main trunk. Sling angles were less than 120d. Inspection of the pick from the ground...
  15. Steve Connally

    Legends 2020…
  16. Steve Connally

    TCIA Expo

    I'll be teaching 2 classes at Expo on Friday. 8-10 Working with First Responders. This will cover the Fire Dept.'s incident command system, organization and operating protocol on a work site incident. There will be some take aways on how to present and transfer information about the site...
  17. Steve Connally

    Interesting Read.

    I found this article applicable to any high risk operation. If you can make it through the read I think you’ll see where this could apply to what we do especially on multi climber crews or Rec climbs...
  18. Steve Connally

    Truewerk T2 34x34

    So I’m trying this again. I have 3 pair of 34 x 34 Truewerk T2 pants. Navy Blue. Looks like black to me. Great condition. 1 pinhole burn in the crotch of one pair. No tears of rips. Asking $40 a pair and you pay shipping. Buy all 3.
  19. Steve Connally

    Truewerk T2 Pants (Sold)

    I’m selling 3 pair of TrueWerk T2 pants. 34x34. I’ve been working in them for a year and other than 1 burn Mark the size of a ballpoint pen tip in the crotch so they’re in great shape. I’d like $150 for the lot and you pay shipping. $50 a pair. They’re dark colored. They are dark navy blue. If...
  20. Steve Connally

    Aerial Rescue Challenge from Wesspur and the Ascension Group

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