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  1. jefftheswede

    Parts for RG45

    Make it easy and just call Sylvia,, Jeff ;)
  2. jefftheswede

    Parts for RG45

    I suggest here, awesome experience, ask for Sylvia, tell her her I sent you! Jeff It was a beautiful day!
  3. jefftheswede

    Need Help

    It looks to me like a species of Brachyciton. Jeff
  4. jefftheswede

    What is this tree, leaves turn red in the spring?

    Kinda looks like a species of rhaphiolepis, ? Jeff
  5. jefftheswede

    Spar System?

    It is mandatory for us when doing palms, especially queen palms, great for eucalyptus too.
  6. jefftheswede

    Spar System?

    All my guys use the TreeSqueeze, Jeff
  7. jefftheswede

    What kind of Palms are these?

    California fan palm is a filifera, a Mexican fan palm is a robusta, Jeff
  8. jefftheswede

    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I am going to get a few next week. Thanks for all the comments, Jeff
  9. jefftheswede

    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    Thanks, that is what I was hoping to hear, Jeff
  10. jefftheswede

    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I am thinking about getting a few for a few guys to try, It seems like a good product for many applications. About $200 each, I want to get just a few and have certain guys try it. We have about 22 climbers so that would be expensive unless it is as useful as it seems. Just wondering if any of...
  11. jefftheswede

    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    I registered, will be there Monday, looking forward to it. Jeff
  12. jefftheswede

    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    Thank you, Jeff
  13. jefftheswede

    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    I heard he is holding a class here at Quail Botanical Gardens on the 25th this month but can not find any info,, Jeff Lovstrom
  14. jefftheswede

    Alex Black

  15. jefftheswede

    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    Sounds like my job, Jeff
  16. jefftheswede


    I remember when I was a young climber and I would take any overtime I could get! That was a long time ago, now I am in management and I have a really have a hard time getting guys to do overtime, maybe it is the times but very frustrating, I guess I just had to rant because there is so much...
  17. jefftheswede

    New climbing rope

    try here,, Jeff
  18. jefftheswede

    Pruning Queen Palms

    if you can do srt over the head would be better than having the rope running up and down on the fronds, Jeff
  19. jefftheswede

    Echo 355t

    I have no Echo's but a dealer called me and asked if I would demo a 2511T for a few days. He will be here Wednesday with a few of them for my guys to try. I am curious, any opinions on this saw? Jeff
  20. jefftheswede

    TreeStuff used to be great!

    So I just ordered climb line yesterday from Sherrill, it came to just over $5,000.00. I ordered (8) Hi-Vee 1/2 x 150 eye splice one end, (16) Hi-Vee 1/2 x 150 eye splice both ends, plus I ordered 1 Notch Tri-Guard , Shipping was $600, supposed to get it Tuesday,, I...

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