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  1. ATH

    Printers in the truck?

    Anybody keep a printer in your truck to print quotes and invoices on site? Can it freeze/thaw and still work? A few I found that are nice and small:
  2. ATH

    ISA Conference 2020

    Anybody virtually attending? I am...blocked time this morning to watch some sessions. Then I learn that most can be watched any time. Oh well...probably better that I blocked time or I may have never gotten around to it!
  3. ATH

    OSHA/ANSI/Tree care industry

    I'm sure this has been hashed out before, but @Phil brought it up in the "Are climbing competitions waste" thread. Rather than distracting too much there, I thought I'd start anew. @Tom Dunlap - you were on ANSI Z133 committee, right? This started with a link to a logging standard, to which I...
  4. ATH

    cover on Dan House rope sleeve?

    Really like the Dan House rope sleeve for moving rope. However, the cover is beginning to tear to shreds (not that I haven't gotten plenty of use out of it!). Do I: *Buy a new rope sleeve? *Replace the cover on this one (thick heat shrink tubing?) *Don't worry about it/tear the rest of the...
  5. ATH

    New service offering

    Got this idea at a client's house today. Normally when people call to ask if I remove trees I tell them "I appreciate your phone call but we do not do a larger removals." I will now be changing that: "No, we do not do removals.... But I can paint it white if you would like"
  6. ATH

    what cultivar of Acer saccharum?

    From the road, I saw a sugar maple. got closer and started to second guess thinking silver maple. It is sugar, but the leaves are cut deep like a silver. Anybody know the cultivar? Just curious.
  7. ATH

    Viburnum wilting new growth?

    Any ideas? I'm finding pics similar to Botryosphaeria but nothing on the twig that looks like dark spots or cankers. It is only on this year's growth. Of course somebody sheared them fairly hard over the winter so there really isn't much leaf material on woody stems from previous years...
  8. ATH

    Shop talk

    Closing on a property next Monday - been looking for over 2 years. Many were: too expensive, too much acreage and they won't divide (meaning too expensive), too far from home, zoned wrong, etc... This is 5 acres in an unzoned township exactly 5 miles from home. It is an old golf course shop...
  9. ATH

    variegated or not?

    saw this Japanese maple today. At first I thought it was one trunk that is green and one variegated....but it not only switches within the same twig...but there are a few half and half leaves. What's up with this?
  10. ATH

    EAB - genetic resistance
  11. ATH

    Squirrel autopsy

    I'm not veterinary pathologist, but I think I can use context clues on this one: The victim: The setting:
  12. ATH

    treeMOTION bridge replacement?

    Is there a significant reason to use Teufelberger's specific cord for the new bridge as opposed to any other life-support rated rope?
  13. ATH


    Anyone use the Treezi App? I haven't really dug into software options, but need help with efficiency! Looked briefly at Single Ops but $250 per month is too much. Treezi is $45 per month for 2 crews... but is it worth it? Perhaps I just need to learn Quick Books...but saw an ad for this so...
  14. ATH


    Sorry...couldn't resist posting for somebody else who would appreciate (OK....maybe I'll settle for "understand") the joke:
  15. ATH

    Thoughts on SGR removal?

    Did some root collar excavations today. A bunch of trees in a condo association were either volcano mulched or just had an entire 200 sqft bed with flowers and shrubs built up. Fortunately most only had minor problems that I fixed on the spot. I bid it only $30 per tree to get the soil/mulch...
  16. ATH

    Fraxinus spp?

    Can't pinpoint species. I have a guess, but not sure so will let ya'll guess before I throw it out. This owner has been here for 30+ years and didn't plant it. He did say father of previous owner was some kind of forestry something in New York so may have brought oddities in. All other ash...
  17. ATH


    Lots of discussion about about socks? I've got some Merino wool light/midweight socks from People Socks that I really like, but they don't make the ones I have any more. They have been good about year round except when I need heavy socks - not even too hot when I hiked the Grand...
  18. ATH

    Stumped #3

    I'm on a role!:confused: He swears he hasn't sprayed anything or contracted with anybody else to do so. I'd bet this is herbicide damage. Any thoughts on what else it could be? Deformed/stunted leaves on Japanese maple, euonymus, cotoneaster, and I think Taxus. Neighbor's plants look fine...
  19. ATH

    stumped #2

    here is Stumped #1 So...this guy was fighting cancer all last year and let the landscape get out of hand. To address that, he mixed up some generic Roundup (glyphosate) and went to down on the weeds in all of the planting beds. This spring several things did not leaf out: *Crabapple *Red...
  20. ATH

    stumped ... twice

    So the last 2 days, I've looked at 2 properties that left me scratching my head. (here is #2 Here is the first: Norway spruce. ONLY this year's needles are impacted. They are turning brown on the outside of the needles. There is some banding on the needles. It is on both trees, but much...

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