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  1. guymayor

    ISA Municipal Arborist Exam

    There are tests in every issue of their magazines and journals, and many available from the past.
  2. guymayor

    ISA Municipal Arborist Exam

    Sometimes to resolve the ambiguity it helps to stop thinking about what is absolutely correct, and go with the flow of what looks accepted or expected. And keep taking practice tests, that's the resource that I would advise.
  3. guymayor

    Reduction Pruning Help

    This looks a ways up in the crown, on a semimature tree. Rot from excessively large cuts could be a bigger issue for structure than eliminating included bark and acute angles. These are so common on those maples, maybe eliminating them is not a realistic objective. Based on those images, I...
  4. guymayor

    Reduction Pruning Help

    First, those cuts look like removal cuts. A reduction cut would be further out. Since there is no collar on codoms, what is the advantage of cutting that far back? ATH and VB are right on this. P.S. Ignore the 1/3 rule. Second, different general have different architecture. Removal cuts on...
  5. guymayor

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Yes I ran across the term and thought Pow!----that says it.
  6. guymayor

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Internal decay is a bugaboo, a boogeyman, a phantom of the operation of fearmongering. Living wood is sapwood. A mature tree needs about 4" or so, give or take. Heartwood is mostly dead cells caked with waste products. When trees lose heartwood, they are flushing their toilets. Here are 4...
  7. guymayor

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Please buy A300 Part 2. Best $12. you can spend.
  8. guymayor

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Definitely woody matter belongs on the surface. like anything you cannot break up with your fingers. Think about what happens in nature. What makes you think there is extensive decay? Those types of wounds often have no or very little decay, and the woundwood can more than make up for it in...
  9. guymayor

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    Diagnose first. The big infections seem old--see the woundwood on the edges? Bleeding lesions should be cleaned and heated. phosphite drench. No reason to reduce load (yet)--no strength loss observable. I hope the cedar mulch was not added to the soil. "I can’t help but notice the large...
  10. guymayor

    Options for cracking 5-stem silver maple

    Option 5., the simplest: Prune near red lines. Then consider a cable or rope at the yellow line.
  11. guymayor

    Brace or Remove?

    Totally impossible to opine without seeing the crown. But hey this is the internet. BMP much more useful than Part 3, but it overreacts to cracks. 1 cable at most Might do it; impossible to say.
  12. guymayor

    Healthy looking trees with massive internal hollows

    If you put a bull rope in that tree and tried to pull it over with your truck, you would have failed. These 4 trees below were retained in high-target locations. Ants, concrete? Paranoia strikes deep...
  13. guymayor

    For the Arborists- Storm damage question

    1. post a pic. 2. yes just cut behind the break, no more. Try to identify a node where there are buds (pic?) 3. There is NO COLLAR on a stem as you describe. So there is no way to make a collar cut...
  14. guymayor

    What would you do?

    Why would they? Someone already lopped off most of that stem. Looks like a lot of response growth, added over the years.
  15. guymayor

    Old trees fertilizing methods

    Absolutely they can be reinvigorated. Topdressing just scratches the surface lol of what the soil needs. I often fracture subsoil 2'+ deep and blast in compost etc. to deepen soil volume and increase drainage.
  16. guymayor

    re-calibrating pricing for my trimming jobs

    Pruning uses a lot less gear than removals. But I'm always happy to hear of other pruners who raise their rates, and whose market recognizes their value.
  17. guymayor

    Does this tree need to come down?

    Birdholes may be unrelated to insects. Sapsuckers are attracted to bulging areas where there is more and sweeter ... sap. Failure seems unlikely but I agree about bracing and/or cabling.
  18. guymayor

    Good source for pruning education?

    Well thanks; tons of respect for Ed with young trees (esp. live oaks!) and Jim with planting. Save the day lol; too often the day is about done when I get to a tree! But we do what we can. Daniel's skeptical but he'sgot a ton of pruning stuff on his youtube channel; judge for yourself.
  19. guymayor

    Good source for pruning education?

    That was the Bartlett gang../not an unreasonable thing to try imo; that was a while ago.
  20. guymayor

    Good source for pruning education?

    Nick, I've seen Lindsey's stuff presented in person as well as this webinar. I guess my fundamental issue is the approach to pruning's purpose being to solve problems. Consistent with defect-oriented TRAQ assessments, instead of objective inspections. I look at pruning as building structure...

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