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  1. Grafted_In

    Yale blaze/bandit

    I always had trouble on the final bury. Really frustrating. Someone on the FB splice rack told me that at Yale they used a 2,2,2,2,2,2 cover taper. I tried it and my whole life changed hahaha. So much easier now.
  2. Grafted_In

    Any suggestions for a permanent base anchor?

    Whats your permanent friction saver set up?
  3. Grafted_In

    The ropewalk

    Very cool. I'd love to see the process in person.
  4. Grafted_In

    Rope Wrench / Hitch Climber Question

    Ditto to what Johnny said. I use a Pirate; one of my favorite biners. I tie a 4:1 michoacan or petroacan with a 28" e2e. Shorty @height tether. Clean setup, can't go wrong.
  5. Grafted_In

    Show off them splices

    Beautiful lanyard, Delaney. You're not the first person Ive heard say that blue moon has been difficult but so far I haven't had that issue with's actually been one of the nicer ropes to splice for me.
  6. Grafted_In

    Show off them splices

    Recent Blaze lanyard for myself plus my first sPlife on Drenaline.
  7. Grafted_In

    Show off them splices

    What recipe did you use?
  8. Grafted_In

    Your Preferred Carabiners?

    Wish they made that with an uplock gate too....
  9. Grafted_In

    Am I right about when and what to sharpen?

    Hand file. Find some old chains to practice on. Get comfortable and keep the saw steady. I use a husqy raker plate, it measures per tooth instead of based off two. The muscle memory will come...
  10. Grafted_In

    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    Thanks for the info @JMerritt Like the rest of the gang, I'm willing to put money into this. Sign me up when you folks are ready!
  11. Grafted_In

    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    What do you need from us at this point Jaime?
  12. Grafted_In

    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    Quick cycle with spin. Hang dry afterwards.
  13. Grafted_In

    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    Oh yaaaa. Definitely. Not after every use or anything but when needed. COLD warm or hot. Sometimes I'll use a very small amount of more "natural" detergent (no dyes, fragrance, or harsh chemicals) OR no detergent at all. There are soaps made specially for rope but I don't bother with...
  14. Grafted_In

    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    When I was my ropes, the spin cycle gets em really close to dry. If not, I agree with air dry in the shade.
  15. Grafted_In

    Modding Chainsaws

    Got my first ported saw a year ago. Hard to go back to stock. Muffler mod at least. Got a 390 from Gordy "West Coast Saw". He's building bigger saws only, mostly for timber fallers. 390, 395 and 461 n up. Woods port or fallers build. He's putting out his own dogs and muffler ports for purchase...
  16. Grafted_In

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    What do you like about rings for the hip ds compared to the rigging plates?
  17. Grafted_In

    Rope Wrench - Hitch/Rope compendium.

    I tie a 4 over 1 under michoacan flipped 180 with the HC and it sits perfect. Running on any yale 11.7 or scandere.
  18. Grafted_In

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    Fisheries Supply got the goods. Got my Sirius 500 from them.
  19. Grafted_In

    WTB- Rope saddle kit: 40mm Rings, Miny Figure 8s, Four Hole Paws, 40' of 8-10mm rated cordage???

    I got a croll as part of my homemade knee ascender Id be willing to sell. Still great condition. Been wanting to get a Saka instead...

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