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  1. Njdelaney

    HHX Hitch Question

    I have a HHX and have used it about 5 times, with similar results. I find that if I tie the normal HH hitch, following @Richard Mumford-yoyoman instructions that no matter how tight I tie it, once I'm 20-30' up in the air the hitch/rope stretch out enough that it no longer grabs when I load it...
  2. Njdelaney

    Good Buy on Hitch Cord

    This ebay seller has 69' of 8mm HRC Thermashield for sale for $62 shipped. I've bought from him before and he's legit. Here's a link if anyone is interested! He also has at least three other listings for other lengths of the HRC and a bunch of weird lengths of Dynaglide too...
  3. Njdelaney

    Rigging Set-up

    I'm going to be removing a large dead Red Oak from my brother's property in the next month or so and would like to know if my plan of attack has any obvious flaws. Tree is about 90' tall and has fungi all over it so I'm not comfortable using it as any kind of anchor point to climb on. It...
  4. Njdelaney

    My Little Climber

    My son who's not yet 4 learning to use a hitch. He thoroughly enjoyed this little adventure in a small Maple across from our house. Thanks @Brocky for the recommendation on the Fraggle ii harness!
  5. Njdelaney

    WTB 120'-150' Samson Vortex

    Anyone have an unused or lightly used piece of Vortex w/an eye splice on one end? Prefer the "cool" colors but hot is fine too. I got a short length with another purchase and just love the way it feels in the hand.
  6. Njdelaney

    Chain Hitch

    I did my first negative rigging job last week blocking down a couple Silver Maple spars for a neighbor with a Portawrap, ISC block and 1/2" stable braid rigging line. I used the chain hitch(instead of a running bowline) above a half hitch and it worked great and was easy for my totally...
  7. Njdelaney

    SOLD-Tree Austria 3.2 Like New

    I have a like new Tree Austria 3.2 for sale. Used for 3 rec climbs, not a stain or nick to be found on it. This is a size #2 which fits 32"-36" waist according to the size chart. I also purchased the optional shoulder harness/suspenders and webbing links. It is extremely well made and very...
  8. Njdelaney

    East Side Detroit

    This is a big Cottonwood in Angel Park (part of Alfred Brush Ford Park) on the Detroit River. Lots of big trees in this park. Biggest Boxelder I've ever seen here too. Water water everywhere for these trees.
  9. Njdelaney

    8mm Teufelberger HRC Thermashield

    Does anyone have anecdotes they'd like to share about this hitch cord? I have the opportunity to buy some of this in bulk at a good price. $128 for 142 feet which is .90/ft. It appears to be $1.95/ft and is out of stock at Treestuff for reference. Any input is appreciated.
  10. Njdelaney

    First Time DRT

    When I was first buying gear to learn climbing, I bought a 150' piece of 12-strand called Blue Ox from Amazon. My first rec climb was with a couple experts and they voiced some concern about whether this rope would work with either my RR or Wrench so I used one of their climb lines instead...
  11. Njdelaney

    WTB- CT Rigging Plate

    I've got one of these guys and I need a second for a project. Anybody have a good used one they don't need? The one I have is pictured.
  12. Njdelaney

    Which knot and why?

    I'm making myself a long lanyard (just shy of 30') out of a leftover piece of New England KMIII. I'm tying a nice heavy steel CT Pillar carabiner on the throwing end because it has some good weight to it and want to know what you rope expert guys think is the better knot. My instinct is to tie...
  13. Njdelaney

    Built-in Lanyard

  14. Njdelaney

    Good Deals on Rope

    I'm pretty new to climbing and this forum (although I've been on Arboristsite for a long time) but I recently found an Ebay seller that has good deals on rope and thought some of you may be interested. The seller is "castobargains" and they're based in Georgia. They sell odd lengths of all...
  15. Njdelaney

    Gear for Sale/Trade SOLD

    20' New England Endura Braid Euro 1/2" Bought 45' of this for bridge material and don't need all of it. Incredibly tough stuff. Selling per foot at $2/ft. Feel free to post questions so everyone can see the...

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