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  1. climbingmonkey24

    Investing in Bigger Equipment

    Eventually I’m interested in maybe expanding to some bigger equipment. In particular I have been considering a spider lift. I’m trying to be smart about it and keep costs down while maximizing efficiency and increasing profit. I was just interested in hearing some opinions about how some of you...
  2. climbingmonkey24

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    For the guy’s out there who are running a smaller setup versus big equipment and trucks, what you got? I came across someone on social media the other day where they had a sprinter type van vehicle, a small dump trailer, and a small Kubota tractor with small chipper mounted on back. They towed...
  3. climbingmonkey24

    Rigging Line Pins Climber Rigging Large Piece

    A fellow climber friend of mine sent me this video that he had seen of another climber who experienced a very close call rigging a large piece. Thought it worth a watch (not sure if anyone has seen this already).
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  5. climbingmonkey24

    Been Feeling Pretty Depressed Lately

    I don't know dudes it seems the further along we get into the Pandemic the more depressed days I'm having. We are having a rise in cases in my state and town. I pretty much have the urge to use on a daily basis. Not to sound like a broken record, I am grateful for my blessings, being healthy...
  6. climbingmonkey24

    Asking customers to wear masks

    Throughout the Pandemic I haven’t asked customers to wear masks (we wear them) but I have enforced social distancing. However, things are getting real bad. Cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are rising rapidly. What are your thoughts on asking people to wear masks? I think it’s a double edge...
  7. climbingmonkey24

    Social Media Messages Business Page

    You ever have potential customers message you over Facebook, etc. looking for a quote? I sometimes do, and my response is for them to please call me directly to discuss their project / set up an appointment. I have instant reply set up that automatically let’s people know we received their...
  8. climbingmonkey24

    How are you all doing?

    I hope you all are doing well during these difficult times and staying safe.
  9. climbingmonkey24

    How would you prune this tree?

    Some of you may remember I posted a pic of this tree not too long ago regarding it being a town tree. Anyhow, I contacted forester and know what I have to do if I do prune it. I’m just curious if anyone here would do anything differently? Trim some of the lower branches back, thin and shape...
  10. climbingmonkey24

    Helper Not Wanting to Work in Bad Weather

    I have someone who will help with some jobs doing ground work. He's more so doing it by choice offering to help so I have to be flexible with him. However lately I've been getting frustrated because whenever I call him to discuss his availability for the week and what jobs I may need help with...
  11. climbingmonkey24

    Any recovering addicts here?

  12. climbingmonkey24

    Tree on a City’s Tree Belt

    Customer wants me to prune this tree but it appears it could belong to the town with how close it is to street yea? I’m not sure what is considered the tree belt for the town this is. No sidewalk, that’s part of his front lawn. Power lines going overhead directly over it. I do know I did...
  13. climbingmonkey24

    Topping and Going For a Ride

  14. climbingmonkey24

    Helping out Your Neighbor’s with Their Trees

    If you have neighbors who you are real friendly with who ask you to do some minor trimming work do you charge them? Not a climbing job but just something you can do with a pole saw? I have a neighbor who is real good friends with one of my family members and she asked me to trim her tree to...
  15. climbingmonkey24

    Online Reviews / Building and Preserving Reputation

    More so curious if others have encountered this. Have you ever had people who were raving about your work and were super happy, left you a fantastic review in words but only put 3 or 4 stars? I’ve seen it online, a real good review but only 3 or 4 stars. Some just can’t put 5 stars I guess...
  16. climbingmonkey24

    Anxiety About This Experience with a Customer

    Prior to scheduling work customer was explicit they wanted no equipment on yard whatsoever. No problem. I asked if it was okay to park chipper and dump trailer in driveway and they said that was perfectly fine. The morning of the job we arrive and I take my ground guy on a walk through the...
  17. climbingmonkey24

    Submit a Quote / Never Hear From Client Again

    You ever have potential clients who you never hear from again after submitting a bid? Even when you try following up with them to see if they have any questions and they just ignore you basically? Maybe they found someone cheaper. Or aren’t doing the project. But at the very least isn’t it...
  18. climbingmonkey24

    Thoughts on the stability of this tree for removing without crane?

    The root plate of this tree has started coming up but there’s only a slightly raised area you can see in the pics. The actual roots haven’t broken. It has a lean towards house. But I think it’s a natural lean not from the wind. My thoughts: Get on the roof and piece tops out with pole saw and...
  19. climbingmonkey24

    How Would You Price this Land Clearing / Landscape Job

    This isn’t a job I’m doing but it’s something I looked at, I was just wondering what you guys would price this out to be to remove all these weeds / vines and disposal? There’s a chain link fence underneath that you can barely see because there’s so many. I suspect there’s a good amount of...
  20. climbingmonkey24

    “I want you to Top My Tree”

    Was wondering what you all say to potential customers who call wanting you to top their tree because they think it’s too tall or don’t like the shape? I dealt with this yesterday. I usually say that we don’t do it nor do we recommend topping because it isn’t an appropriate pruning practice and...

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