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    Low Use RopeTek Wraptor. Sold

    I’ve got a Wraptor I purchased in fall 2018 that is for Sale: Maybe 8 hrs run time. I’ll get pictures this evening & add to this post. The Wraptor is a wonderful tool but I’m not doing enough tree work to justify it right now. What’s included- 1- 2018 Wraptor 1- Rope that comes with Wraptor...
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    1996 Bandit 250

    We have been made aware of a local Bandit 250 that is for sale. As you can see, the Cummins Engine has been partially disassembled. It seems the engine took on water. The hr meter is reading 1,600hrs, & the machine looks to be in fair condition other than the engine. The clutch feels...
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    Help with PTO Chipper Selection

    Hello, I'm looking at PTO chippers & am at the crossroads, so to speak. Tractor is a Kubota M7060 w/ 1154 Loader. I like the idea of being able to pull the Chipper & loader with just 1 truck. Loader Capacities 1. Morbark M12R PTO...
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    Which Climber controlled Friction Setup?

    I've got some small to medium rigging to do,( dead tree over a house), & I am Having trouble deciding which to go with. The AFB With Safebloc...
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    Rayco RC 1220-100 Kubota

    Hello, Please share experiences with the Kubota powered Rayco RC 1220-100. Quite frankly, this Chipper wasn't even on my radar until just a few moments ago: I was searching for a Brush Bandit 200xp or similar with a Cummins. Please discuss their Strengths, & more importantly, the weaknesses...
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    9" Chipper Comparisons & Alternatives

    The Bear Cat line has been around for some time, & was picked up by ECHO a few years ago. All of the pro ECHO gear I've been around has been good stuff for the era it was sold in: from the torquey 900 EVL my family used in the early 1980s to fell some monster Water Oaks, to my PPT-280, & more...
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    Mechanical Advantage Kits- the Tom Hoffman U- Rig Kit, or something else?

    What MAs are Y'all Using? What do you like about your MA setup? What would you change/ adjust/make better? Is anyone using the TH U-Rig? What is the reasoning behind the Tom Hoffman U-Rig Kit not using 2- Swivel double pulleys? Does this route make the kit more useable in other methods...
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