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  1. Jzack605

    Hey guys, curious on your thoughts on some of the new gear we have coming out this year?

    Website has way too much going on. Can’t actually click any links on my phone.
  2. Jzack605

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    I didn’t think of turf tires to be honest. I just thought of the narrow and very hard tires I’ve used doing farm work and on my current jobs kubota’s. Both of which are larger units, and leave large ruts without protection unless ground is hard. right when I left my farm/vineyard job they had...
  3. Jzack605

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    Yeah for sure. I love that tractor set up; although I think I’d prefer a tracked mini or something with wider tires I could deflate for less impact on lawns. I think I’d go for a larger dump trailer also but that might put it over weight. he’s a nice guy, I’ve reached out to him in the past...
  4. Jzack605

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    This is the best I’ve seen for sure. He actually can get a wide range of work done and it seems efficient. I don’t see why the kuboto couldn’t be swapped out with a mini and one extra attachment either
  5. Jzack605

    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    If I do the normal four it does not grab. It seems it’s time for a new one.
  6. Jzack605

    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    I’m not even sure what rope the hitch cord or lanyard is. Worn out may be the issue here now that you guys mention it. I’m waiting on a zig zag which should be coming soon and then I’ll rotate my current hitch to my lanyard. Hopefully that solves it, but I’ll try those others mentioned in the...
  7. Jzack605

    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    I got a hand me down lanyard at work which has a distel hitch with 5 wraps which is annoying when it tightens up pretty quick. I tried redoing it with four wraps (the same hitch I climb on) but it loosens to a point it has zero grab unless I dress it and put pressure on it. I had been climbing...
  8. Jzack605

    Critter Stories

    We have three black rabbits hanging out in our yard right now. Not sure if that’s a bad omen or someone’s pets. They’re not too scared of people but won’t let you pick them up.
  9. Jzack605

    DED Micro Injections

    I’m going to say it’s preventative. It’s an old account I inherited and I haven’t seen any lab reports. It’s definitely in a location that I can’t spray; public library over road and sidewalk. agree about the holes and a yearly injection (not actually sure this is the case never saw the full...
  10. Jzack605

    DED Micro Injections

    Is it viable for yearly or bi yearly applications?
  11. Jzack605

    DED Micro Injections

    I had a DED treatment last year that was sold as a micro injection. However I see some sources have found this to be an unsuccessful treatment and it must be macro to be effective. Kind of curious to see what others have found of micro vs macro. I was using propizol which has DED labeled for...
  12. Jzack605

    Deflowering agent for Pecan trees?

    Makes sense. I’m Unfamiliar with these applications and ethophon so it was a shot in the dark. My rational was addressing the cholorisis without uptake from the roots to minimize moving the ai through the Tree at an expedited rate that may make the effects more drastic. Taking a page from what...
  13. Jzack605

    Deflowering agent for Pecan trees?

    Is there a way to offset side effects like that? Foliar fert to avoid uptake through vascular system maybe? i have no intention of using this, just curious about addressing a scenario like this.
  14. Jzack605

    What are the black marks?

    Looks similar to an image of injection marks in Shigo’s “Modern Arboriculture”
  15. Jzack605

    Simplest, strong anchors

    Yeah I think thats what I’ll eventually do also
  16. Jzack605

    Trees from a distance

  17. Jzack605

    Drones and Treecare

    I thought I had posted about this but I couldn’t find it. Last year I heard a rumor I was going to get some kind of certification for drone usage, but that never seemed to happen. Curious what kind of applications some have used or heard of. Integrating with inventory systems, aerial inspections...
  18. Jzack605

    best youtube channels for a beginner climber?

    Also I second watching the fails to keep you bound to reality. Climbing arborist has some great podcasts with some arbs going into detail about their accidents and what they did wrong.

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