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  1. Jehinten

    Equipment on homemade bridges

    I don't come across a lot of homemade bridges here, but I saw a couple at a recent quote and it got me thinking about whether or not I'd want to take my mini across it. The homeowners ended up requesting a no cleanup, so there is no need for a mini now, but whats your thoughts? Have you or...
  2. Jehinten

    Lost this bid

    I’m not worried about loosing the bid, I lose plenty of them with as many licensed and many more unlicensed tree services in my area. Buuuuut, I look over from a job that I did win to see this property that I had bid. 3 trees in total the highest priority was the large oak tree with several...
  3. Jehinten

    Honey locust fungi

    looking for help to identify this fungus. This is on the roots only of a honey locust, nothing on the trunk or limbs. Canopy has 99.5% die back, only a few sparse leaves here and there through the canopy. A neighboring honey locust, maybe 40' away has zero fungi but over half of that canopy on...
  4. Jehinten

    Feedwheel design

    What are your thoughts on which feedwheel design is better? My woodchuck has toothed feedwheels and does not always pull in brush as well as I think it should. I have gone through and sharpened them without much/or any improvement. I have used a similar machine, bandit 200, that has the flat...
  5. Jehinten

    (Added HH2) A few items for sale.

    I'm looking to get rid of a few items that I do not use. All prices include shipping to lower 48 states. All gear is considered used although a few have been used very little and most wear is from bouncing around in a bag with other gear. All prices are negotiable if the prices do not seem fair...
  6. Jehinten

    The best cordage for an SRT ring and ring

    I'm looking to make a ring to ring primarily for SRT canopy anchors. Without cutting a climbing rope I have a short piece of teufelberger ultra vee (1/2" 16 strand) and some 10mm beeline. Which would be a better option to splice onto aluminum rings, or a different cordage all together? This will...
  7. Jehinten

    Slaice recall

    I do not have any details other than this article, just wanted to pass the word so everyone can get them out of service. They are recommending that the terminations be cut off, and then the rope can continue to be used with a stopper knot.
  8. Jehinten

    Girdling "cables" and climbing safety

    Just curious on the thoughts of climbing above where this tree was cabled (chained) years ago. I have seen trees fail in the past when growing into the top rail of a chain link fence, would this lead growing into this log chain be an opportunity for failure? The tree is a Bradford pear and will...
  9. Jehinten

    Diagnosis of maple tree

    I know it's hard to do a diagnosis from pictures, and after taking them I realized they weren't the best. It's just cell phone pics as my phone was dying. The homeowners would like to keep this tree and just deadwood, I'd like to give them that vs a removal but there are so many cavities from...
  10. Jehinten

    Adding a crush cylinder to a 12" chipper

    I'm running a woodchuck wc17 with a Cummins diesel, the chipper works great with the exception of when there is a lot of little debris it has trouble pulling it in. I'm considering getting the components to add this feature. For you guys that have run both chippers with and without, how much of...
  11. Jehinten

    Is anyone going to Arborfest?

    I just bought tickets last night to the one at the end of the month. My wife works for the school system and it happens to be spring break so we're making the trip. She'll go with me, and if she needs a break from it she can visit her cousin who lives there in north Carolina. Is anyone else...
  12. Jehinten

    Things to look for in an under CDL bucket truck (forestry package)

    Hello, I am going to look at a used bucket truck this weekend, a 1995 international with a altec LRV 50 boom. Anyone have any thoughts on this particular truck or boom? I know it's a little older than some of you would look at, but buying new isn't a possibility for me at this time. Thanks in...
  13. Jehinten

    Renting a treemek for the first time

    So I am looking into renting a tree mek for the first time, I have gotten in contact with an individual who lives in the same town as me that purchased one about a year ago. I do not have his exact crane model but it is a palifinger with 100 foot vertical and around 80-85' horizontal reach, the...
  14. Jehinten

    How to become a pro

    I just received my branch manager grapple today and need any and all tips at how to look like a pro from the get go. The goal here is for my wife's opinion to go from :endesacuerdo: to :chica: after hearing that I bought another piece of equipment right before the holidays. I ran it for about an...
  15. Jehinten

    Bleeding Hi-ranger bucket contols

    Just checking to see if any of you guys who do your own repairs have bled out the 1/4" tubing running from the lower controls to the pistol grip? I replaced all of the control tubing due to it becoming brittle and one breaking at the elbow and I have followed the only advice that I have been...
  16. Jehinten

    wheels/ tires for mini skid

    Just curious from you guys who are currently or have in the past run a mini skid with tires if you have a good source on replacements or anywhere to steer clear of? Also your preference on tread type? I had gotten a quote from Vermeer some time ago for about $140/ea for the bar tread 6ply or...
  17. Jehinten

    Form of flattery?

    I am going to post this on here since I know there are a couple of guys on here from my area in hopes of getting the word out. I just received a call today from a local sheriff office regarding a couple who are bidding tree work and collecting half of the money up front without going back and...
  18. Jehinten

    Elderid Finn II/ kids climbing thoughts and questions

    Just curious if there is an adjustment that I am missing on this harness to change the angle at which you rest at? I know most rope bridge harnesses have an adjustment from the bridge to the waist belt... I just bought this harness for my 2 year old daughter and test fitted it yesterday. She...
  19. Jehinten

    First time ordering bare root trees online

    This is my first time ordering bare root trees online as the title says, the website that I used did mention the height of the trees, so the smaller size does not surprise me. And let's face it, the smaller the size the cheaper it is for them to ship, I received about 10 trees in a 4"X4"X48"...
  20. Jehinten

    Wc17 parts

    Does anyone have a good source for parts on a woodchuck wc17? I bought a used one this past fall that could use some tlc, I've contacted altec and they say my parts need to come from Cummins, I've contacted Cummins and they say the parts need to come from altec. All I'm currently looking for...

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