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  1. Burrapeg

    Best Thanksgiving wishes to all

    Here's hoping all of you Stateside have a great (and safe) Thanksgiving tomorrow! Raining like hell here for days but the sun just came out and I am going climbing!
  2. Burrapeg

    Memorial Day

    I hope all of you are having a great (and safe) Memorial Day today and remembering any of your forebears who were veterans. Raining here so I cancelled my solo hike and climb plans. Just chilling indoors and thinking of my Dad who passed away in 2007. He was on the flattop USS Franklin when...
  3. Burrapeg

    DIY hiking wheel for carrying a load of climbing or camping kit on a narrow trail

    Made this up out of the front fork and wheel off an old mountain bike. Works great for carrying gear any distance when the load is too much for a backpack, and it will go places a two or four wheeler won't handle.
  4. Burrapeg

    Camp Gyro 3-way swivel

    I was into Wesspur yesterday and picked up one of the new Gyro's from Camp. It looked really useful, especially if we move more to two rope systems for some climbing. I really like that the swivels themselves are stainless steel instead of aluminium like the ZigZag. I know that most aluminium...
  5. Burrapeg

    Affordable leather and webbing machine,arts-crafts,163&sr=1-5&linkCode=sl1&tag=1802andcompan-20&linkId=e9620c4f2e33f9b822a3f1c9e7005a65&...
  6. Burrapeg

    Root rot and high wind tonight.

    Blowing like hell here right now and right after dark lost one of my big firs onto the top of my Land Rover. Smashed my brand new roof tent and broke a couple windows in the land Rover, caved the roof in, etc. Still runs however. Glad it was the vehicle and not the house or shop.
  7. Burrapeg

    OMG, strange climbing contraption. Tree bike?

    My next project? I am sure I can improve on this. It needs some drink holders for sure.
  8. Burrapeg

    Throwline Cube

    Just stopped into WesSpur yesterday to get some new throwline and they had some of those Cubes out. I got one of theirs and was playing around with it today. I have been using a bucket for my thorwline but it is awkward to carry on a hike. (People I pass hiking often think I have the bucket...
  9. Burrapeg

    Notch Radius Ring Any of you chaps using one of these? I tried a pulley on my bridge but it was too easy to flop over sideways almost out of control. I went back to using just a ring so that there was a bit of friction. But this...
  10. Burrapeg

    PNW ISA comp Saturday 24th August in Seattle

    Anyone here on the Buzz going? I might bring my two DIY power ascenders.
  11. Burrapeg

    PNW ISA Comp Saturday in Seattle

    Anyone else going? Should be fun. Weather lately has been great, not too hot. I may bring my two DIY power ascenders for anyone who wants to check them out.
  12. Burrapeg

    New Onyx saddle

    Had a good month so I sprung for a new Onyx saddle a few days ago and spent this afternoon playing around with it near the ground to get it dialed in. Quite comfortable, definitely a big step up from my previous rec saddle. I immediately made the adjustable rope bridge mod that Richard Mumford...
  13. Burrapeg

    First night climb - mixed results!

    Made my first after-dark rec climb about 60 feet up one of my own trees tonight and just got back inside. I set the rope earlier today while still light and the climb tonight went pretty well at first. I had some brief limb walking which was kinda weird in the dark. It was quite interesting...
  14. Burrapeg

    Old School

    Video of a mad old Brit, a famous steeplejack, working at about 200 feet, no safety belt, etc. Balls of steel. He scaffolds all around the top of a huge chimney, working alone with large timbers and other materials his helpers on the ground below have hoisted up to him. Amazing to watch this...
  15. Burrapeg

    Neat tree camping video

    Some of you may have seen this already? Just ran across this great video by a pleasant old chap in the UK, tree camping with a homemade PortaLedge, hanging stove, etc. Love his accent, makes me homesick for the land of my forebears. He looks maybe late sixties or even a bit older. Inspiring...
  16. Burrapeg

    Old spikeless climbing invention

    Quaint old British Pathe footage from 50 years ago. Not sure I like the way of adjusting the bands. Looks like the adjustment could slip. I would have had a series of holes clear through and locking pins, something like that.
  17. Burrapeg

    AMAZING remastered and colourized WWI footage!

    Wow, just saw this trailer on youTube. Has anyone seen the full documentary yet? This is stunning! After being remastered, all this footage looks like it was shot yesterday instead of 100 years ago. And in colour now.
  18. Burrapeg

    Throwline Hiking Stick

    I mounted one of my self-rewinding fishing reels on my favourite hiking stick today and tried it with my throwbag that has the rubber tubing on it to self launch. The hiking stick unscrews in half for packing and has a rubber tip that unscrews to reveal a spike. I put a flat sided washer on...
  19. Burrapeg

    Mother of All Splices

    A chunk of 4 inch diameter towing hawser off a tug I was skipper of years ago. I thought all you splice addicts would enjoy seeing this!
  20. Burrapeg

    Rec Climbing cart

    Rec climbing sometimes involves a lengthy hike and when I was younger I did not mind a 40 pound pack on my back for a mile or two. But alas those days are in the past. Now, in my sixties, it is nice to arrive at a nice looking tree and still have lots of energy left for the climb. I tried a...

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