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  1. Jzack605

    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    I got a hand me down lanyard at work which has a distel hitch with 5 wraps which is annoying when it tightens up pretty quick. I tried redoing it with four wraps (the same hitch I climb on) but it loosens to a point it has zero grab unless I dress it and put pressure on it. I had been climbing...
  2. Jzack605

    DED Micro Injections

    I had a DED treatment last year that was sold as a micro injection. However I see some sources have found this to be an unsuccessful treatment and it must be macro to be effective. Kind of curious to see what others have found of micro vs macro. I was using propizol which has DED labeled for...
  3. Jzack605

    Drones and Treecare

    I thought I had posted about this but I couldn’t find it. Last year I heard a rumor I was going to get some kind of certification for drone usage, but that never seemed to happen. Curious what kind of applications some have used or heard of. Integrating with inventory systems, aerial inspections...
  4. Jzack605

    Simplest, strong anchors

    I just got a chicane for Christmas and looking to start trying SRT. Both my ropes are 150’ (I do have a 200’ issued from work but it’s got sewn eyes both ends) so I’ll be investing in a 200’ rope soon. What’s the simplest anchors to use starting off? Simple running bowline with a few raps...
  5. Jzack605

    Pick up w/ topper set ups

    I have a 2018 Toyota Tundra with a cap and I’ve been thinking about building some storage boxes. Curious to see other people’s set ups if they’ve done something similar. Mostly want to keep things secure and organized. I was considering something along these lines: Currently situation, and...
  6. Jzack605

    Preservation vs Condemnation

    My focus has been preservation, and will continue to do so. But I want to be realistic at the same time. This is a big old copper beech that the client wants to maintain and keep I will use as an example. So far this year I’ve done a root invigoration with the air spade (amending the soil with...
  7. Jzack605

    Rope ID

    150’ of this came with a bag o rope purchase from tree stuff. Seems to be 1/2” and was wondering if anyone could ID it? Comparison is with Notch 1/2” climbing rope I use as my daily driver
  8. Jzack605

    Looking for: Nikon Forestry Pro 2 Rangefinder

    Anyone got one they’re willing to part with?
  9. Jzack605

    Porcelain Berry Allergy?

    I’ll preface this by I’m fairly certain it’s poison ivy. Friday I had the distinct pleasure of pruning a whole bunch of neglected euonymus and removed the porcelain berry from the fence that was over taking them. I saw the poison ivy quick and thought I avoided it. Sat I started feeling it in...
  10. Jzack605

    Day Rate and Making Use of That Time

    Got an interesting job I might take on for a weekend. A friend a few hours upstate has about 6-10 trees to be pruned and/or removed at their new home. They offed to pay for a hotel for the weekend. I figured the best way to do this would be a day rate and get as much done in given time as...
  11. Jzack605

    Weird stunted growth on Fraxinus

    Curious if anyone has any ideas with this growth stunting on a fraxinus street tree. It’s on the lawn strip between road and sidewalk. My thought is herbicide damage?
  12. Jzack605

    Starting out

    I have been interested in splicing for awhile and spur of the moment got a Yale Cordage Compact Splicer Kit That was on sale on treestuff. Curious to see what resources you all have found helpful to learn and finish putting together your kit as I’m sure I need a few more pieces. Currently have a...
  13. Jzack605

    Weird Thing I Noticed With SDS Sheet vs Label

    I got into a bit of a debate of the toxicity of a few different ai's on another site, abamectin and pyrethrin. The latter ai is the main one. He produced an SDS sheet that puts pyrethrin with a DANGER signal word, where the labels have it as CAUTION. I'm having a hard time finding a rational for...
  14. Jzack605

    Maine and employment opportunity

    wondering if anyone here works in Maine and has some insight to the job market there and it’s nuances. Are you doing tree work year round or switch to something else in winter? Most of the work in the Portland area? im finishing up a horticulture/landscape design degree this fall. I grew up on...
  15. Jzack605

    Who Dis

  16. Jzack605

    GIS and Inventory Systems

    I made a post awhile back about inventory positions without much feedback. I was supposed to take a position which that would have been a large part GIS to inventory as well as creating management plants. But through a series of frustrating events the company I work for seems to have potentially...
  17. Jzack605

    Tree ID from description

    I keep meaning to get an image and keep forgetting but it’s a fairly common tree so wondering if someone can get it by description; think of it like the trees from a distance thread. small tree up to about 20’ is the largest I have seen. Zone 7, frequently seen as a street tree here on Long...
  18. Jzack605

    Polypore mushroom and butt rot

    I found this Polypore on a big black walnut today. It was ID’d as being Bondarzewia berkeleyi on one of the Facebook ID groups. It seems to be indicative of butt rot in hardwoods. Was curious if anyone found there was an indicator as to how severe that it may be; my intuition says it is...
  19. Jzack605

    What is this

    Thought I had a more overall shot. Larger tree. See them occasionally.
  20. Jzack605

    Imidicloprid Drench and Leafminer Efficacy

    Wanted to reach out and see what kind of results you all see with imidicloprid drenches and leafminer control; particularly arborvitae LM. It’s on the label, and my research says it’s effective, but the company I work for does not believe in it based on in-house research. Yet at the same time...

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