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  1. jefftheswede

    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I am thinking about getting a few for a few guys to try, It seems like a good product for many applications. About $200 each, I want to get just a few and have certain guys try it. We have about 22 climbers so that would be expensive unless it is as useful as it seems. Just wondering if any of...
  2. jefftheswede

    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    I heard he is holding a class here at Quail Botanical Gardens on the 25th this month but can not find any info,, Jeff Lovstrom
  3. jefftheswede


    I remember when I was a young climber and I would take any overtime I could get! That was a long time ago, now I am in management and I have a really have a hard time getting guys to do overtime, maybe it is the times but very frustrating, I guess I just had to rant because there is so much...
  4. jefftheswede

    What is up with the ad's?

    So I am reading a thread and an ad pop's up in the lower left corner and I am wondering what is going on? Kinda weird,,, Jeff
  5. jefftheswede

    PTCA in Balboa Park, San Diego,Ca.

    Aug. 18-19, I never miss them, 13 ceu's is one of the reasons I go. I go for the seminar to get informed on the first day and then on Saturday is the field day and we bring the crews. Last year we expected an interesting day, but to me is was one of the most boring I have ever been to. A lot...
  6. jefftheswede

    My gut and my math sometimes disagree,, The only reason I ask this is because I want to trust my gut

    My gut and my math sometimes disagree,, The only reason I ask this is because I want to trust my gut, but when I do the math, it seems really low,, There must be a gut bid to reasonable bid, is your Gut more powerful than your Math Dang ,I walked this property and it is a massive job, without...

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