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  1. moss

    [poll] Knee ascenders- how do you tend yours? (also curious if anyone's using them *w/* handled ascenders?)

    To your point about “biggest stride possible”, turns out the biggest stride is less efficient something in the sweet spot middle of the possible stride range is most efficient as far as effort for height goes. -AJ
  2. moss

    [poll] Knee ascenders- how do you tend yours? (also curious if anyone's using them *w/* handled ascenders?)

    I use a 15" 6mm bungee and a 23" tether/footloop, The bungee goes up through the left-side D and across to the right-side D. Doesn't need to be stowed after an ascent, just take it off the rope and it retracts up to the left D with just the foot loop hanging from there, never seems to get in the...
  3. moss

    I made up this friction hitch (but I'm sure it's not original). What is it?

    "Chirality"! Excellent term, thx for the addition to my vocabulary. As a lefty I'm definitely a chiral type of human ;-) As of course right-handed people are as well. -AJ
  4. moss

    Dead Wood

    Good thoughts. It's interesting that pooled water in cavities (as I understand it) actually defeats wood rot/fungal activity. It is probably important ecologically for different small critters and insects. Tree frogs for example take advantage of pockets of water in the crown of a tree. I've...
  5. moss

    Documenting my hand-sewn eye process

    I need a translator for many of your more technical sentences but the last paragraph and the last sentence are music to my ears, no translation required. -AJ
  6. moss

    Minimalist rope walking setups?

    If you're climbing RADS I'm assuming you have a footloop hanging off your Ropeman rope grab for your left foot. To rope walk replace the Grigri with a hitch and add a foot ascender for your right foot. You'll need a HUT (Holder Upper Thingy), light bungee over a shoulder will work (or the...
  7. moss

    Critter Stories

    Sounds like a Sharp-shinned Hawk! -AJ
  8. moss

    Critter Stories

    Great photos! Tree frog can make that drop fine as long as the landing zone was decent enough. -AJ
  9. moss

    Is there a "Main"/generic Ropewalker configuration, or are there myriad?

    Ok, just wanted to clarify what system you were climbing on. I weigh less than you ;-) The problem with a hitch only in SRT (SRS as it's called lately) is that it seizes up on the rope for descent, doesn't matter what your weight is. Rope Wrench is the revolution that solved that problem, thx...
  10. moss

    In search of good winter climbing gloves

    All good options glove-wise, none will keep your hands warm enough over the course of a climb when the temps start getting below 20's f. I put air-triggered hand warmers in my climbing hoodie pockets and stop and warm my fingers as they start to chill down. Three of the regular size hand warmers...
  11. moss

    my notyoutube channel

    Looks good! I think this is a kind of challenge for arborists in general to come up with a strong video presentation for their business. When planning this kind of video it is a good idea to "storyboard" your ideas. Make simple sketches for different scenes and write up dialog per scene. I can...
  12. moss

    Simplest, strong anchors

    I've never had a base tie move in a way that made a difference on any tree smooth or rough. That's any kind of choke whether an AB with Quickie or backed Running Bowline. When I'm tying to a small diameter tree I put a couple of half hitches above the RB and that grips very nicely. Theory is...
  13. moss

    8mm vs 10mm prusik cord

    I climbed 2 years on the single foot lock method with e2e before I finally gave in and got a foot ascender ;-) -AJ
  14. moss

    8mm vs 10mm prusik cord

    I've posted this a lot in the past, it's how to foot lock using one foot DdRT or SRT, doesn't matter how big your boot heel is. Essentially a half hitch around your boot, must be done as shown Tip your toe down to lock Lift your toe up to run the rope through for the next lock. You can...
  15. moss

    8mm vs 10mm prusik cord

    That's definitely a tough way to go. Hip thrusting is only a slightly less tough way to go. See if you can foot lock the tail of the rope, your hitch will run up the rope fine as you ascend. Slack tending whether with pulley, dog snap or boat snap is for taking out slack when your feet are on a...
  16. moss

    8mm vs 10mm prusik cord

    Normally when you're ascending DdRT the split-tail is self advancing. This assumes you are not attempting hip-thrusting as your primary ascent technique. When I first switched from climbing on a Blake's Hitch system to an eye-2-eye split-tail system I was frustrated with getting off the ground...
  17. moss

    rope runner pro

    These all sound like bollard setting issues and yes as a RR breaks in it gets smoother. My Scandere was super smooth out of the box with my RR. Fly i snice with a broken in Runner, it's is fairly stretchy/bouncy. -AJ
  18. moss

    Documenting my hand-sewn eye process

    The fender washer join is a good way to describe your point. Looking at this from an even bigger view, it’s all about sewn eyes made by any means, by machine or by hand. The original point of this thread is that machine sewn eyes are accepted as safe for climbers to hang their lives on and that...
  19. moss

    White oak revisit

    Yep. If you could see closely where the leaders are joined lower down, the unions are sound, no codom structures. -AJ

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