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  1. moss

    Speared white pine top removal

    I do trail clearance work for a couple local land conservation trusts in my area. I work from a spreadsheet that has a date, description, location, map link, sometimes a photo etc. This particular job had no description beyond "two trail obstructions", the general location and no map or photo. I...
  2. moss

    White oak revisit

    This fine oak has hosted a few climbs, it's like a circus ring, lots of possibilities in suspension or swinging through the middle. Third time climb, Billy photo documenting tree climbing I found a sling and carabiner redirect I'd left behind after a climb with Cape Cod arbs, perfect...
  3. moss

    Climbing by an historic river

    Got together with some friends and climbed on a bluff over the Concord River in eastern Massachusetts. We were maybe a mile downstream from the famous "rude wooden bridge" where colonial farmers and local townspeople confronted British troops marching from Boston by way of Lexington. Later in...
  4. moss

    Climbing on wrecked tree parts

    We had a storm go through about two weeks ago where I am just south of the Mass./NH border in eastern Mass. I'd been working and wrapped my job as I watched the front moving across the state on Doppler radar. I got home and indoors just in time. I watched the initial gust hit, it was sustained...
  5. moss

    Cape Cod and Rhode Island climbers visit

    Had some climbers swing by and get into a nice white oak in the woods out back at my place. So many Akimbos! All super strong/good climbers, shared some technique and tree time. Great to put some faces on the names! @Skye401 out of RI Charlette from the Cape Chris from the Cape -AJ
  6. moss

    Slice of life, cat rescue in an urban environment

    When I arrive on a site like this I try to engage and create supporters. Three young boys were all in, we had a great time and I got the cat. Some foot-locking lessons at the end is my thanks. I probably get as energized as they do when they see something completely new and different. The...
  7. moss

    Red-shouldered Hawk re-nest turned into something else

    The raptor nesting season should be slowing down soon, until then the beat goes on. I was called in to a Franklin, Massachusetts site to put two young red-shouldered hawks back in their nest. They'd gone to the ground a week before and were thin and unable to fly. A local rehaber stuffed them...
  8. moss

    Undetected raptor nest tree felled by tree service, new nest rebuild successful

    I was called in by Cape Ann Wildlife rehabilitators out of Ipswich, Massachusetts to create a new nest and put four 3 day-old chicks back in the nest after a tree service accidently sent the nest and young to the ground. Cooper's Hawk is notorious for creating highly concealed nests in conifers...
  9. moss

    Red-tailed Hawk nest rebuild and putting a fallen young one back in

    High winds blew this Red-tailed Hawk nest to smithereens and tossed two nestlings to the ground from 85'-90'. One didn't make it, the other was picked up by an Ipswich, Massachusetts animal control officer, then turned over to wildlife rehabber Erin Hutchings of Cape Ann Wildlife out of Essex...
  10. moss

    Yet another owl nest project

    So far this nesting season four climbs to work with Great Horned Owl nests and one Screech Owl nest climb. I work with wildlife rehabbers and raptor experts, they make the call as to whether the owlets are injured or not and whether they're good to go in their fledging process or have to go back...
  11. moss

    This didn't make the TreeStuff Arborist Choice Video Awards?

    I am shocked and dismayed! This brilliantly made tutorial on how not to climb trees didn't get nominated for the Arborist Choice Video Awards comedic category? A gross oversight ;-) Is it something I said in the past? Couldn't be, arborists have notoriously thick skin and if they don't they can...
  12. moss

    Owl nest hunt climb details

    I had a another request to put a fallen great horned owl young back in its nest a few days ago. The challenge was that there were 5 possible nests located nearby in the white pine grove where the owlet was found. Three of the nests had small animal body parts under them, two of those had egg...
  13. moss

    Deja vu all over again, owl nest redo, round 2

    Eight days ago I returned a fallen owlet to its nest. The nest was very minimal, so I added sticks to reinforce it and make it larger. A week later a hard northeast storm wiped out most of the nest, except what I'd added in previously. Another owlet was now on the ground. I climbed back up...
  14. moss

    Renesting a fallen Great Horned Owl

    I was contacted by a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator yesterday morning, she was looking for assistance returning a fallen GHO owlet to its nest. Great horned owls are infamous for using lousy/rickety nets. They do not build their own and re-use whatever old crow or hawk nest they can...
  15. moss

    Metacomet White Pine climbing

    Got together with a couple friends and maintained appropriate separation more or less to climb the biggest white pine out in back of where I live in Massachusetts. Looks like solo rec climbing only for the near future, the state just ordered shutdown of non-essential businesses and activity...
  16. moss

    No cats were injured making this swing vid

    Night rides And note to self, no more barefoot treeOboard riding. Jammed my left big toe in the ground once and the right one twice. I edited out the swearing ;-) There's only one way to find out what works and what doesn't. -AJ
  17. moss

    Sky Swing

    Did a new swing setup, highline between a red pine and a white pine, good rides... Edit: I updated the background music to something I had that's a little more "uplifting" for these times ;-) -AJ
  18. moss

    Small red oak with extreme lean, two lines

    This is an excuse for me to fiddle with the Captain Hook as an extra positioning tool, show off my latest Frankenstein TM bridge cordage, chit-chat about continued use/testing of the cinching lanyard etc. Highly efficient take-down artists will probably cringe ;-) This vid is good to dip in and...
  19. moss

    Question about power distribution line classification

    Just did a takedown in proximity to power lines going to an individual house set back in the woods. In this case the poles carried two separated insulated lines which connected to a single-phase step down transformer. The drop line to the house came out of the transformer. I obviously treated...
  20. moss

    “...So this cut could save a life.“

    “...So this cut could save a life.” A quote from the semi-off the rails “Don’t Ever Try This” thread. This statement could represent the most dangerous perspective in the thread. The greatest hazard to any working climber is thinking “I must do this no matter what”. That thinking is what will...

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