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  1. Jehinten

    Makita chainsaw review video

    I ran into this same problem with my setup. Double checked that everything was the correct parts, it was, so I took an old chainsaw file and elongated the tensioner hole. It only takes a little bit and it worked great. Less than an 1/8" if I'm remembering correctly
  2. Jehinten

    461 brake actuation

    Have you taken it back to the shop to see how another compares to it? Could be a faulty chainbreak that may not engage during kickback. I do not have that model myself, but my 661 has never seemed overly difficult to engage.
  3. Jehinten

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    The deck height is 42" I have a set of 10' ramps, you can see them on the right hand side of the toolbox in the pic from the rear. I am currently working on a chiptruck with mini platform that I'd like to have a hinging ramp. Although my current ones are made of aluminum, they still weigh...
  4. Jehinten

    In search of good winter climbing gloves

    I've not tried these out climbing yet, but they are quite toasty and waterproof with decent dexterity, not quite as good dexterity as atlas gloves. The grip is quite good with them as well.
  5. Jehinten

    What's your chipping process? (Moving Brush)

    I remembered the pics and description, but could not remember who's it was. Thanks for the update on it, it seems like a cool design but may be best for heating the outdoors if its running that hot. ;)
  6. Jehinten

    Distel hitch no good for lanyard? Or a different lanyard hitch rec

    Knut seems to be working well. I use it as a secondary lanyard with ART positioner as primary
  7. Jehinten

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    Getting ready to unload chips. A pitchfork working from ground level makes pretty quick work of it. Just poke /drag out the bottom and the top of the pile spills off.
  8. Jehinten

    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    I can head out solo in a F350 with a mini and either a chipbox and chipper or a toolbox for all tool storage and mini skid attachments and a dump or flatbed trailer. This truck also heads out to bigger jobs meeting a larger chip truck and chipper while setup with the toolbox. The...
  9. Jehinten

    New elevator bucket for $225k. Recommendations.

    Coming from former State of Indiana employment, we had to do the same thing. If all things are equal between the trucks and dealer support is important to you personally, you just have to find one option that they offer that others don't. Call it an essential item and your preferred...
  10. Jehinten

    Gear for kids/beginners?

    I'm sure its either a climb line for once he's in the limbs or a hauling line for the work their doing, but still looks funny.
  11. Jehinten

    Gear for kids/beginners?

    Pretty much unrelated to your post, but whats the guy belaying him on the way up for? Lol. Without an upper anchor, if he were to fall, the only thing he could do is pull him down the tree faster.
  12. Jehinten

    What's your chipping process? (Moving Brush)

    Someone on here had a woodstove that ran off of woodchips. Maybe not super innovative, (burning wood for heat) but I suspect that if a homeowner had one of these, they'd never be wanting for wood as we are always trying to get rid of the chips. It'd be like having an unlimited supply of...
  13. Jehinten

    What's your chipping process? (Moving Brush)

    Sounds like you'll need a big chipper for this to work. I run a 12" and some limbs are at the max on their own, let alone wrapped up with half the tree. However if its a straight shot and the wrap is slick to help skid, it might be nice for getting to the chipper, but then the brush will be...
  14. Jehinten

    Hey guys, curious on your thoughts on some of the new gear we have coming out this year?

    The supersaver looks interesting. Have you got any videos of it in use, or will those be released at a later time as the product becomes available?
  15. Jehinten

    New solid Notch Wrench Tether

    I know its said to be for a secondary system, but I wonder if you could clip your rope into the top hole of tthe tether for MRS? Not as clean as on the hitch climber, but it would keep your splice or knot away from the hitch cord. This assumes of course that the entire tether is rated for...
  16. Jehinten

    New solid Notch Wrench Tether

    I do occasionally, when remote setting a redirect in a tight crotch and sometimes while remotely crossing a limb and don't want to bang up hardware and devices. But I don't climb with a wrench and wouldn't do this with a wrench. I'll either slide a roperunner off the end of the line and then...
  17. Jehinten

    New solid Notch Wrench Tether

    Ah. I missed the bottom of it. I wonder why they'd take a device that works across (according to their ad) 2 mm (wesspur says 4mm) and optimize it for one size only. Especially since it falls within the specs of what is available.
  18. Jehinten

    New solid Notch Wrench Tether

    Rope wrench specs on says its good for 10-14mm. I see a wrench used on Yale xtc fire (13mm) pretty often.
  19. Jehinten

    Problem customers

    Agree with Tony. When the customer is talking to other potential customers, you can either be the guy that "was too good to work for them" or you can be the guy "that although he was too busy to do the job, recommend XYZ so that the job wouldbe completedin a timely manner"
  20. Jehinten

    Gear for kids/beginners?

    I thought so by the look of it, but I didn't want to assume. Yes there is gear to replace that carabiner. Rated screw links, delta links, quickie, and for your purpose just an eye splice that can be girthed onto the limb. I agree with @HigherGroundArborist. Not to mention the negative impact...

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