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    Good source for pruning education?

    So I’m new to this tree climbing and pruning for healthy trees. I know a little and know there is a whole lot I don’t know. Anyone suggest books or YouTube channels that specify just on pruning. I know a few of the big YouTube channels that are all about chainsaws and tree cutting have some...
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    Adjustable bridge for Petzl Sequoia SRT

    So I have been playing around with my HH2 with my Petzl Sequoia SRT. I’ve decided to try an adjustable bridge. Petzl makes one for the Sequoia, but looks like it’s made for the standard sequoia and that it would work on normal round rings, and not ideal for the SRT version. Robert Mumford has...
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    Midsize saw purchase help

    Looking at picking up another saw. I have a 970 Olympyk (70cc) saw that I’ve owned for 25 years. It runs strong, I have a 18 and a 30” bar for it. Then I have a John Deere CS36 35cc chainsaw I purchased while I worked at a John Deere dealer. It was made by Efco which is what Olympyk was. Both...
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