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  1. BrianG

    Brought my 020T back to life

    Finally got around to replacing the handle on my 020T. It took a fall onto frozen ground a few years ago which busted the fuel tank, spark plug broke in half, the handle cracked and a few other parts broke. I replaced the fuel tank with one of an MS200T after it happened and electric taped the...
  2. BrianG

    Gift of the Trees

    I'm disgusted at times, by things that I see, Like mountains with holes, where trees used to be... And I'm disgraced here and there, when I look to the sea, All the pollution we feed her, well some comes from me... And I'm uneasy at times, on the bridges I cross, When palings are missing, and...
  3. BrianG

    Stop Arborgen's Franken-trees....Take action NOW!

    Stop Arborgen\'s Franken-trees....Take action NOW! Organic Consumers Association - Take Action Now against Genetically Engineered Trees Experimental Genetically Engineered Trees Grown Across U.S. The company ArborGen is seeking USDA approval for 29 field trials of genetically engineered...
  4. BrianG

    Alaskan mill Walnut

    Here's some pics of some Walnut that I milled a while ago. I saw this log at a construction site, got permission to mill it, and did it after work. They were happy that somebody would get rid of it and do something useful with it.
  5. BrianG

    Redneck tree removal

    Has anybody seen these videos yet? Hilarious, but of course unprofessional. Redneck tree trimming! Redneck tree removal - part 1 Redneck tree removal - part 2 Redneck tree trimmin'
  6. BrianG

    We found a body in a river

    We were inspecting trees for Asian Longhorned Beetles yesterday and a climber found a body on the riverbank. News Home News Tribune
  7. BrianG

    Road Rage

    I was inspecting a tree earlier this year and I suddenly heard this conflict from the street. I pulled out the camera quickly and got what I could. I did miss some of the best stuff, though. ********Warning, some obscene language********* Road Rage in Rahway
  8. BrianG

    Fun with dig. camera

    I finally got a digital camera a few months ago. I've been experimenting with all the settings and learning how to get specific effects. Anyway, I took this pic today in a LPT for a spinning effect.
  9. BrianG

    2 in New Jersey

    I found both of these trees at a house in Rahway, NJ. Here's the first one.
  10. BrianG

    Logging in music video

    This music video is just awesome. It's a German band and I guess they're into logging and destruction. Even if you don't care for the music, I recommend watching it. They have a sweet sawmill. Gänseblümchen video
  11. BrianG

    Christmas Lights

    Did anyone else get up in their trees to hang some lights this year? I finally put the star up in my Scarlet Oak about 11:30 pm Christmas Eve. It's sticking out of the top of the tree at about 90 ft with a string of commercial lights straight to the ground. The star has the big bulbs in it...
  12. BrianG

    Inspect trees for ALB

    The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture needs 2 more climbers to inspect trees for Asian Longhorned Beetles. All applications must be recieved by July 10, 2006. The pay starts at $17.30 per hour. You get "hazard pay" for the whole day if you climb a tree 50 ft or higher. That works out to about $21.62...
  13. BrianG

    More ALB in NJ

    We've been finding more trees infested by Asian Longhorned Beetles here in Union County, NJ. The cutting will continue, unfortunately.

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