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  1. Njdelaney

    Japanese Stewartia

    I almost put one of these at my place but went with a smoke tree instead. Much more tolerant of variation from the ideal. These are beautiful though if you have the right conditions.
  2. Njdelaney


    Am I seeing two rope wrenches tied in to two different trees on either side of the tree you're removing? Did you spur your way up and just tend slack until you were essentially horizontal? Seems like a good plan, I have a similar task looming and this may be a better way to approach it.
  3. Njdelaney

    Good Buy on Hitch Cord

    This ebay seller has 69' of 8mm HRC Thermashield for sale for $62 shipped. I've bought from him before and he's legit. Here's a link if anyone is interested! He also has at least three other listings for other lengths of the HRC and a bunch of weird lengths of Dynaglide too...
  4. Njdelaney

    FS Jubilee RR unused with 4srt bird flap

    Same here, just don't need 2.
  5. Njdelaney

    Outlaw saws

    FWIW I used to frequent Arboristsite when looking to purchase saw parts or used saws. I stopped using that forum because the views and politics of many folks on there didn't jive with me and it spilled into everything, even for sale threads. However, this seller is a known quantity on that...
  6. Njdelaney

    FS Jubilee RR unused with 4srt bird flap

    This is a great deal.
  7. Njdelaney

    Chain Bar Oil End-Distribution:

    Find a friend with a bandsaw and make up a years worth of rounds in an hour or two
  8. Njdelaney

    Cutting And Splitting Oak

    In my opinion oak should be seasoned for at least a year before burning. Lots of people do 2 years but I've never had the patience (or enough extra wood stocked up) to wait that long.
  9. Njdelaney

    Trees from a distance

    It is a carcinogen as well although you have to drink it all the time to be in danger. It makes for a damn fine canoe paddle. Light, strong and beautiful. Made this one a couple years back and it has held up to some serious paddling.
  10. Njdelaney

    I'm stumped...

    How big is the tree in terms of DBH and height?
  11. Njdelaney

    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    Same here, looked like a prototype in bare metal.
  12. Njdelaney

    Unrealistic expectations

    You can wheelbarrow all those cords right through that tiny little gate and stack it on the back porch too, right? Aren't you going to de-bark all that firewood? You're planning on killing all the bugs that live in the wood too right? I mean I would do it myself but I'm pretty busy and you...
  13. Njdelaney

    Beer Beer Beer.

    16%?? Wow
  14. Njdelaney

    At my limits for a log splitting job

    Love to see some pictures with something for scale. I've never seen a round cut to 16" or even 20" that was anywhere near 1000lbs. This must be some massive stuff.
  15. Njdelaney


    Hahaha "bougie baby clothes"
  16. Njdelaney

    At my limits for a log splitting job

    Lots of good insight from people who obviously have spent lots of time splitting. Removing bark, or at least breaking the continuous ring of bark around a big round will also help. I've had big pieces that I fought with that come apart easy once the bark ring is broken. The nibble around the...
  17. Njdelaney

    At my limits for a log splitting job

    You may want to invest in a really good splitting axe like a Fiskars X27. It will pay for itself in one hour if you're billing $50/hour. I stopped using a hydraulic splitter (even when I was heating exclusively with wood) when I got mine, just faster to do most of it by hand. I have never...
  18. Njdelaney


    Alot of people join forums only to sell things and end up staying. My personal feeling is that as long as they accept payment thru PayPal or another form that has protections let them sell. I have been burned before but have also had lots of good experiences too.
  19. Njdelaney

    Rope Runner Pro/ ~110’ Xstatic $460TYD

    No reason not to split now that he has two confirmed interested parties. Who's going to text him first??
  20. Njdelaney

    Food Thread

    A modern take on chicken cordon bleu

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