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  1. Gorman

    Autofeed issues

    I have a woodsman 15x and have recently replaced the autofeed computer with a LOR PDX-X. We had to wire it all up and I can't figure out why that when we start up the chipper and it is at idle the feed wheels turn. There should be a signal sent to the valve telling it to stop. anyone know?
  2. Gorman


    Please delete
  3. Gorman

    Knuckle bearing on an Altec LRV

    I have to have the knuckle bearing replaced. The book is from 2001. I got a quote for 16k to do the job and test the boom. I need to know if this is out of whack with what I should be paying.
  4. Gorman

    Question about altec and Terex rear mounts

    Why does altec put their rear mounts set back from the tow plate and Terex puts theirs right at the back? Altec is sacrificing about five feet of horizontal.
  5. Gorman

    Monkey Beaver suspenders

    Anyone know if these are going to be compatible with the Onyx? I would assume so but you never know. Release date?
  6. Gorman

    Need some advice on a trolley system

    I have an unpleasant situation where there’s about 12,000 lbs of wood at the bottom of a steep hill that may have to come out. No crane access, no machine access (anything would tip over). I have a two huge red oaks at the bottom and top of the hill to utilize as rigging anchors. The issue I...
  7. Gorman

    Spring for gaff ascender

    Need a new spring. Not sure what brand this is but I assume this doesn’t have to be OEM. Any ideas.
  8. Gorman

    Hooklift tips wanted.

    We just got a new 25T palfinger hooklift and are adjusting to taking it on and off. I had some questions though some other guys here might help us out with. Maybe @Lumberjack. 1. Driveways. I’m scared to put a can down on a asphalt driveway. Don’t want to damage it. Any way around that? I...
  9. Gorman

    Carlton 4012 kubota radiator

    My Carlton grinder need new bushings and side bolt that hold the radiator in place. I’m having a hard time getting them. Any ideas?
  10. Gorman

    Onyx bridge D’s

    I was looking to swap out the rigging plates in my onyx for something easier to clip into. Any suggestions?
  11. Gorman

    Plywood/mats on a hill

    The ground is super saturated right now and will be for a while. I gotta get down a slight decline for a few jobs and while it will be easy getting down there, getting out may be more of a chore since the truck will be loaded. If I put mats or plywood down I risk kicking them out of the friction...
  12. Gorman

    Camp turbo foot ascender won’t stay put

    The strap for the bottom of my foot won’t stop creeping. Anyone else have this issue? I like the action on it but the strap is a non-starter.
  13. Gorman

    Throttle cable setting on Carlton 4012

    I replaced the throttle cable on my kubota diesel and the new one, which I bought from the dealer, opens up the throttle a little bit more. I’m not sure where the engine is supposed to run fully open, and additionally I don’t know how to check what the engine is running at since there’s no tach...
  14. Gorman

    Filter minder on a chipper

    Is this where you put one on an air filter?
  15. Gorman

    Cat 3126 thermostat

    There’s only one thermostat on this engine right?
  16. Gorman

    Feedback regarding Altec Industries

    I’m a small business owner and I own one bucket and three employees. I’ve recently had serious problems with altec regarding getting a replacement cylinder for my upper boom. The diesel shop has told me altec couldn’t care less and has dropped the ball every step of the way. I’ve been waiting...
  17. Gorman

    Leaky altec cylinder

    The lift cylinder for the upper boom on my altec lrv is weeping. I called altec twice and have yet to hear from the service guy going on 6 days. I’m nervous about using it being what could happen if the seal blows out. I’ve basically put it out of service. Should I look at driving it hours to...
  18. Gorman

    Auto feed issues in my Woodsman 15x

    I have the autofeed set at 2200 rpm but it doesn’t kick in until way late. Like around 1200. I watched the digital tach when it was fed and it doesn’t drop below 2400. I don’t know if the magnetic pickup is wonky or what.
  19. Gorman

    Buying used trucks and modding them

    I've been toying with the idea of buying a used c and c truck and putting my choice of body on it or buying an existing truck and removing the body and replacing with what I want. Take for example, I saw a used isuzu fvr reefer box truck. I was thinking about getting it and replacing the box...
  20. Gorman

    I need a new axle. Please help RI area

    The wheel bearing went in the chipper today and my worker had “no idea” it destroyed the axle and luckily didn’t set the tire on fire. It’s a 7k lbs dexter torsion axle. I’m in ri and will drive about 150 miles. Does anyone know of a place that sticks these bad boys?

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