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  1. Gorman

    Autofeed issues

    Got everything working correctly. The new autofeed seems to help with the bogging issues but still gets bogged down once in a while when we put a big top in.
  2. Gorman

    Autofeed issues

    this runs off the alternator
  3. Gorman

    Autofeed issues

    Their manual has nothing to address that issue. Its seems its a stock digital tach used in many different "applications". I have to wait to monday to call landmark. Our other chipper had a bearing go yesterday while we had this one out of service to try to figure stuff out.
  4. Gorman

    Autofeed issues

    I have a woodsman 15x and have recently replaced the autofeed computer with a LOR PDX-X. We had to wire it all up and I can't figure out why that when we start up the chipper and it is at idle the feed wheels turn. There should be a signal sent to the valve telling it to stop. anyone know?
  5. Gorman

    Work Photos

    Christ. Must have taken hours.
  6. Gorman

    Work Photos

    Who cut the log up for the HO?
  7. Gorman

    Pain in the butt clients, vent here!

    I had a new customer verbally agree to a day of work years ago and I sent him a proposal and he never got back to me. I idiotically left a message some time later saying we were coming on “this” day to do the work and never heard back. We did part of the work and left the stumps for a later...
  8. Gorman

    Pain in the butt clients, vent here!

    As a general rule of thumb, if a customer won’t meet you in person they probably have four other quotes coming and are looking for the lowest.
  9. Gorman

    Tropical removal.....latest action.....lofuckingl

    Skin like an eggshell.
  10. Gorman

    Tropical removal.....latest action.....lofuckingl

    Ahhh, nature’s Nair.
  11. Gorman

    Tropical removal.....latest action.....lofuckingl

    What’s so bad about the sap?
  12. Gorman

    34 year old tree worker killed

    Yea. That makes sense.
  13. Gorman

    34 year old tree worker killed

    It is sad. I’m still trying to figure out what might have happened.
  14. Gorman

    Near Miss Today

    Was there any way to get a bucket to the stem? Maybe would have made the climbers time easier/safer
  15. Gorman

    Dump trailer holding up to logs?

    Make sure it’s a dump trailer without wheel fenders. You’ll smash those in the first week loading logs over the sides.
  16. Gorman


    Please delete
  17. Gorman

    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    I could think of many nicer amps to line a wall with
  18. Gorman

    Best 15" Chipper

    I heard bandit has had a hell of a hard time with the engine displays for the gas engines.
  19. Gorman

    Ground worker pay range

    In my area there aren’t many foreman getting that wage.
  20. Gorman

    461 vrs 462

    I don’t know about particulates in the pre mixed stuff. I know there’s no ethanol.

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