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    Revolution stump grinder wheel and extra teeth

    I've got a Revolution stump grinder wheel by New River Manufacturing. Came off our 2019 Bandit 2550xp. Has less than 150 hours on it, comes with hundreds of dollars of new teeth and nuts, and used teeth that can still be sharpened. Think all this is over $1800 retail, looking to get $980.00...
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    Filter numbers for Bandit 2550 stump grinder

    Hey hoping someone can help me out, recently purchased a 2019 Bandit 2550xp stump grinder. Called the dealer for filter numbers because they conveniently painted over the the filters that came with the machine, however all they can give me is Bandit #s that wont cross to Napa #s. The machine...
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    Wtb grapple chipper

    Hey everyone - In the market for a grapple chipper. Looking for an early 2000's morbark 2400 with swing out door with controls or a mid to late 2000's m18r morbark with grapple. Last choice would be a bandit 1890 with grapple. Doesnt have to be in perfect condition, just good working...
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    Price of a new New River Revolution stump grinding wheel

    Hey I've got an almost new (less than 20 hours) New River stump grinding wheel with a new set of teeth that I'd like to put up for sale. Any idea of what it should be priced at? It came off a Bandit 2550xp. Thanks!
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    Insurance company suggestions?

    Hey everyone - Any suggestions for companys that you use for general liability and commercial auto? We do residential tree work, stump grinding, small land clearing projects, and started to dabble in demo, dirt work etc. We have a couple chippers, couple chip trucks, couple large hooklift...
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    Wtb stump grinder

    Hey guys - in the Seattle area, I'm looking for a grinder within the next several weeks. Have several big projects coming up. Partial to rayco and bandit as support for them local is decent. Diesel is a must, something around 40-50 hp, let me know what you have. Closer to seattle the better...
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    Grapple truck for sale in Seattle WA

    Hey Treebuzz - My grapple truck is for sale in the Seattle WA area to make room for other trucks coming in. Best offer over $20k will take it at this point. Call or text with any questions - 425.269.4279. My finance guy can work with anyone on financing if needed. Please see Craigslist add...
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    Z boom grapples

    Anyone own a zboom grapple and have it mounted behind the cab? I've got a hooklift truck coming in with about 5 feet of space behind the can that I'd like to mount a zboom in (not a knuckleboom crane). Taking a look at the copma 130z from Timberland Truck in Virginia. I guess jack is a dealer...
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    1991 International chip dump truck for sale

    Hey everyone I have a 1991 International chip dump truck for sale in the Seattle Washington area. Bringing in a hooklift truck so this one has to. Will entertain reasonable offers. Financing and shipping is available. Shoot me a call or text with any questions or concerns - 425.269.4279...
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    3 CMI RP123 5/8 rope pulleys brand new

    I've got 3 CMI RP123 5/8 rope pulleys for sale, 2 of which have 1/2inch Tenex spliced on with metal eye. These go for $73 each on Treestuff. Shoot me a reasonable offer, taking up space in my garage. Call or text if easier...
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    Stein RC 2000 lowering device brand new

    Have a brand new Stein RC 2000 lowering device up for sale. Shoot me a reasonable offer, its sitting in my shop taking up space. These are $170 new on Treestuff. Text or call if easier - 425.269.4279. Thanks! Derek
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    Wtb grapple truck asap

    Hey everyone - Thought I'd post here in case anyone has what I'm looking for.. Looking for basically a grapple truck, WITHOUT A GRAPPLE/LOADER or a non functioning loader. I just bought a z boom style loader and looking for a chassis to mount it on. My requirements are at least 40 inches of...
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    2008 Ditchwitch R300 Zahn mini loader

    Hi Guys - I have a 2008 Ditchwitch R300 Zahn up for grabs. See specs at the following link: For it's age, it's in above average condition I would say. It can be put to work tomorrow, reason for sale is we really...
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    Branch Manager 38 Special stump grinder attachment

    Hi guys - I've got a Branch Manager 38 special stump grinder attachment for a mini skid steer up for sale (I've got a full size skidsteer to mini skid adapter plate as well if needed). It's in good condition, hour meter stopped working at 95.2 hours, it probably has less than 250 hours on it...
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    Brand new Sena headset in box

    I have a brand new Sena headset in the box Model SMH10. Got them 2 months ago from Sherrill Tree Paid $220 would like to get $180 obo. Shipping included to lower 48. Text if you'd like 425.269.4279. Thanks!
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    Bucket truck purchase

    Want to preface this with the fact that I've never owned or operated a bucket truck but a couple guys on my crew have used one. It's just that more than 50% of jobs recently were accessible with a bucket truck and would have sped up the work immensely. The truck needs to be under CDL for the...
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    Perkins alternator model #?

    Hey guys and gals - I've got a 2002 Morbark 2400xl chipper with a Perkins 4 cylinder diesel. Alternator has gone bad and we pulled it but cant find any model numbers. Anyone have the same chipper/motor with any insight? I have a text into levi at envirochipper in oregon but can i source this...
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    WTB Under CDL hooklift truck

    I'm looking to buy a single axle, under CDL (door sticker says 26000 or under) hooklift truck. The following are things I'd prefer to see on the truck. - Allison auto - 1998 or newer - International with DT466 - hook rating of at least 8 tons - hitch on the rear for towing - must be able to...
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    Quickest route for CDL

    I'm in Washington state....anyone know the quickest way to get a CDL? From my research, the only way to get one is by taking a class for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for a month. I just can't afford to take that much time off. The $4k+ for the class isn't really the issue, its the time....any...
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    Opinions on Morbark m15rx

    Looking at purchasing a morbark m15rx. Any opinions? Like the single feed wheel? I'm looking for crotch crushing and chipping big amounts of brushly material at once as I feed with a loader and occasionally mini ex. I dont want to go the m15r route because it's too heavy at 9500lbs as...

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