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  1. BooRad

    Chainsaw gaiters with caulks.

    Sure and yes please. Send info and I'll gladly pay for postage. Thanks!
  2. BooRad

    Saw pants for electric/battery protection

    A tangent from this subject.....I figured out right away to be careful, extremely careful, where to store these. My 9 year old can easily pick up and get one going. An old "safety catch" of gas is needs to be started for max hazzard.
  3. BooRad

    Aerial rescues with basal anchors? Anybody actually know of one done?

    If any of you know Brick Reilly (Works in Millburn, NJ) he posted a very good Facebook video of a method he uses. Does require another "climber" or at least saddle proficient user on ground. Check him out, it's his to offer, not mine, but I'm thinking about employing it. Sure someone here...
  4. BooRad

    GRCS question

    And there it is..... anything can be found on YouTube! "Does not have an auto lock."
  5. BooRad

    GRCS question

    Thanks for responding Reach and Evo. I figured once locked in, the tension would hold, just seems like a spring would help with the setup as you mentioned Evo. Thanks again, looks like I'm bringing her out. Been telling the guys I have a nice update, Hobbs is 10 years plus, 15 I think...
  6. BooRad

    GRCS question

    Received my GRCS and was putting together and watching video today, looking to bring her out tomorrow. The latch that locks strap and frame in place has no spring mechanism??! This cannot be correct? Video has no mention and GRCS website has no parts diagram up yet (says coming soon)...
  7. BooRad

    When people try to do their own treework

    On a side tangent homeowner yesterday tried to help and had to give him the old "I charge more, not less if you try to help." Those ones get to you during storm clean up.
  8. BooRad

    What Grinds Your Gears?

    Had another one today...some nasty storm damage here in NJ, finished a job and husband murmmers (he came home after wife hired us), " boy I should get in the tree business".....Yup, it's that easy.
  9. BooRad


    Yup, I'm hear $120,000. Stump grinder attachment for $150,000
  10. BooRad

    How to find experienced crew members?

    Stay small and eat diamonds, great advice I took from a friend and has worked well. Went from 3 climbers, to just me and 2 guys. End of year has never been better, but I'm climbing day and estimates at night.
  11. BooRad

    Found this dude spiking my trees today..

    Or C, does not understand the skill involved for proper tree work and figured they were "getting the same exact job" for far less. More than assume the company involved was reported to the NJTE board. Hopefully the climber was just a new kid who doesn't know better and perhaps this event...
  12. BooRad

    What Grinds Your Gears?

    A solid morning brushing out a good size tree and leaving rope in stick for eventual pull over. Hit the ground and take a coffee when customer pokes out of door, "your not done yet right? You are supposed to cut that lower". Sorry, just taking a bit of coffee.
  13. BooRad

    Work Photos

    Getting to really like my 72' Arborist. Tight set up, would have been real difficult climb/prune high over roof with not a great/high TIP.
  14. BooRad

    Trimming a Neighbor’s Tree

    Walked away from many. Especially when my lead says "I could care less if this kills the tree, skin it up.". That's when I politely say, "you've got the wrong guy".
  15. BooRad

    Chipper Blades

    Modern Group has been good. Don't go cheap with chipper knives/bolts, a fail can be costly and deadly.
  16. BooRad

    What’s the deal with Angie’s List??

    Ditto here in NJ. A list and Home Adv do not vet at all. No big deal, they can do what they choose - I choose to stay away. As mentioned above, attracts too many tire kickers and price shoppers.
  17. BooRad

    Today Was Not a Good Day, F’d Up a Bid And Job

    Sure, happens to us all. You will learn from it. I still mess a few up, but not too many bad ones. Good call slowing down and taking a break. Things cansnowball and then really F up badly.
  18. BooRad

    Chainsaw Pants for the summer?

    I've found nothing for 75° plus summer heat. Just change in the chipper truck as needed. I'm going to try those clogger zero's Crimson King, so thanks.
  19. BooRad

    What are your thoughts on this heavy leaner skinny tree

    Sub out Daniel, he will flip it somewhere.
  20. BooRad

    FS: Used Pfanner Protos

    Well I got no dime, but I got some time to hear your story...

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