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  1. Grafted_In

    CMI Tri-Tie Micro Pulley

    Brand new, never used. $58 new. Selling for $50 shipped.
  2. Grafted_In

    I wonder what the next Rope Runner color will be....

    What do you wonder?
  3. Grafted_In

    Replacing coradge on OD thimble prussik

    Any suggestions for 7mm replacement cordage? Don't have to replace yet but thinking ahead.
  4. Grafted_In

    Cover splice for retrieval

    Never spliced before but good with my hands and willing to learn/ some scandere and wanted to put in a cover splice for a retrieval ball. Anyone want to help point me in the right direction?
  5. Grafted_In

    Brand New Rope Wrench and Used Shorty Tether - SOLD

    Brand new purple Rope Wrench still in package. Thought I was gonna run two wrench systems but never happened. Used (only a couple times) shorty stiff tether from rope logic. Didnt work with my hitch so I bought a longer one. $120 for the Wrench and $20 for the tether. $130 for both. Pay shipping...

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