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    2015 Omme 2500 82' Tracked Lift

    It is still for sale. We have dealt with Tracked Lifts in PA for everything to do with this lift. We purchased the lift from them and they have done any repairs that we could not do in house as well as all the inspections. It is still for sale. Thanks
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    2015 Omme 2500 82' Tracked Lift

    2015 Omme 2500 82' Tracked Lift - 2700 hours combined electric and diesel. Still seeing some use so hours may go up. Well maintained machine. We have purchased a larger machine. Look here for technical information: Omme Lift Specifications -...
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    Wanted Bandit 1590xp or 1890xp

    We have a 2014 Bandit 1590 XP with a winch. PM me if you are interested and I will put you in touch with our operations manager. Thanks!
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    2010 Vermeer BC 1000XL for SALE

    Still available?

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