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    WTB buckcat/Viking/puma harness size medium

    Looking to purchase this harness used hopefully in good condition for a side project. Thanks!
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    16" Red Dawg Climbing Boots

    16\" Red Dawg Climbing Boots 16" Red Dawg Climbing Boots They have been climbed in once and hiked in once, asking $150 Almost no wear to speak of, fresh coat of obanaufs applied. Mens 10.5 D Can get pics if interested.
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    2 saddles for sale (weaver & buckingham)

    I've two leather saddles for sale: 1. Weaver double floating D's with individual leg straps red and black color with steel D's. Has about 5 climbs on it, looks like it just came out of the box. Like this... 2. Buckingham...
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    Working srt line

    This has probably been discussed in multiple threads however I was wondering what everyone is using for srt working line (not just access) . Been using velocity and xtc 16 strand and just recently htp 10mm all with Wooden rope wrenches and ice in a vt. Velocity is my fav out of the three.
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    WANTED: CMI Double Expedition Ascender

    Looking for one used. sale or trade thanks!
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    3 strand lanyard / adjustable FS

    Been splicing up a storm lately, for the 1/2" 3 strand splice I followed new englands rope to chain splice, tenex tec followed sampsons eye n eye splice with a #2 boat snap on the dead end. I never really used 3 strand before I learned to splice it and I'm actually a fan. Nice and light...
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    Dip-it Whip-it vs. paint on electrical

    Does anyone know if Dip-it Whip-it found here is the same as the generic paint on electrical tape found at local hardware stores? I am mainly trying to figure out if the paint on electrical tape from the harware store will be safe to use on ropes. I...
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    help with splicing tenex

    hey everyone just so you know where I'm comming from, I know nothing about splicing. With that said I want to learn to splice tenex for various purposes mostly eye n eyes and slings. could someone please suggest a manual (video, book or both) and the essential tools. Also, how do you all...
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    buropes...anyone? has anyone had any experiance with these ropes? The price is right thats for sure. seems like the standard 16 strands out there.
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    Sterling 10mm HTP

    Does anyone know if this is a true 10mm or is it slightly larger? The reason I ask is, I use a petzl RIG which is spec'd for 10.5 to 11.5mm. I did a sit test on some snake bite the other day and it held fine. anyone have experiance with HTP 10mm and RIG combo? I'm itching to buy some of this...
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    I will be hosting a rec climb on DEC 4th in NEW SALEM MA. MOSS has generously agreed to teach some SRT tech. More details to follow. Please post or PM if interested so i can get a head count.
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    Replacing Helmets

    Noticed that the expiration dates on all three of my hard hats/climbing helmets are up. Do People pay attention to these dates? I am planning on replacing at least my climbing helmet. Does anyone climb with the rockman helmets? I certainly like the price however, I don't think they are side...
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    ERGOvation for sale

    Selling my Ergovation. Used maybe 20 times, lightly used very good condition asking $375 will consider trade (what you got to give away?) sorry no pics yet. Why selling.... I have no need to climb with an expensive boat anchor. plus I don't climb full time anymore.. I sold out for a...
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    Help With NewTribe saddle Selection

    I am on the verge of purchasing a New Tribe saddle however having trouble deciding between the Tengu and the ProGear. I am trying to keep cost as low as possible and I like aspects of both saddles. I like the leg release of the tengu and the price but I like the medal d's of the progear I climb...
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    Check out did it finally! It looks pretty good however, it looks like the top sliding D must have at least one loaded attachment on it in order for the leg straps to support your weight. in other words you cant just attach biners to the bridge you must use the D ring. It...
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    SRT on 1/2" rope

    SRT on 1/2\" rope here it is: why is it thought that SRT on 1/2" rope is inappropriate? As long as your system is 1/2" compatible I don't see the issue. I also understand that usually smaller diameter ropes have less stretch making them more efficient but some people would weight that option...
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    hoffman driline boots

    anyone have any experience with these?
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    Climbing for the Utility

    This should probably go in the utility forum, but i feel i will get a better response here. Anyone climb for the utility? How is it? I used to do line clearance in a bucket, but i have been offered a job climbing which would be a nice change of pace. I would be on distribution not...
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    Spikes! help

    I just can't decide between Caddy pads and geckos, and time is wearing thin, or my legs rather from my current pads. There are no dealers where i am so i gotta trust your opinions, so....opinions please Caddies Geckos You all know what they...
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    My first run with BAIL OUT

    ordered some bail out just because it is just about the only chord i have not tried and MY GOD....the stuff is amazing, granted i only climbed one tree with it, dead wooding a 65' oak, but it was smooth. I used it on velocity and so far it is my favorite friction chord yet, and like i said, i...

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