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    Hemlock snag...filled with metal

    Take a piece of thin metal and fold it/unfold it a few times and it will probably break or at the least be weakened. Same reason airplane pa els need replaced after a certain amount of time the metal fatigues from pressurization and then being depressurized. Rocking a stem would seem to fatigue...
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    Bandit Model 990xp / Model 95 overheating issues... is there a fix?

    Check your thermostat as mentioned above. They are cheap to replace. If your water pump isn't working well could also cause circulation issues. If your thermostats aren't working they won't open and circulate the fluid at the correct temp.
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    New to big trucks

    Youtube "deboss garage dt466" he goes over the engine and the different injection set ups / stuff to look for.
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    Zigzag or Akimbo

    I too tried running the wrong rope (samson blue streak) when I first got my rope runner. It did not fair well and was hard to descend with the amount of pitch on my rope from regular loblolly pine removal work. It is just barely small enough to fit a zigzag, too. I think his calamine would work...
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    At my limits for a log splitting job

    You can break down some of the larger stuff by starting with a chainsaw then finishing with driving a wedge through. Buckin has a lot of good videos on youtube on hand splitting. Start on the outside working around and try to split the outer layers off first rather than trying to split...
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    Lightning Regulations

    I follow the rule that if you can hear lightning you can be hit by it. I saw a video recently of lightning hitting a tree with no clouds in site and the point was lightning can hit within 25 miles of a storm.
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    Parts for RG45

    I have a Morbark chipper and no dealer within 2-3 hours. If you call them and are far enough from a servicing dealer they will send you parts direct, or refer you to a local dealer that may be close enough to drive to or they can mail you parts. You still have to call the Rayco number at this...
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    Edit: Buffs are actually ok masks

    I think if the positive (wearing a mask could save someone) outweighs the negative (not wearing could kill someone) it would be selfish not to wear it for whatever reason. There's a reason you wear certain masks made a certain way with certain materials for painting or for dust etc. If you can...
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    Fu*%face Von Clownstick

    Not sure why the popularity contest matters. The president is elected by the electoral college and not popular vote?
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    Weak link (on purpose) in your climbing lanyard?

    I remember reading a post on another forum where someone used rubber hose washers, and a small oval link on the end of their lanyard. They adjusted the number of washers to hold their weight by trial and error on the ground.
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    Changing Local Licensing Requirements

    Are they paid for by general state or local taxes or by finding violations and fining people for them? Just a consideration and assuming people are decent no need to worry.
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    Changing Local Licensing Requirements

    Proposing someone salary be paid for by enforcing the regulations could potentially lead to people looking for issues to pay for their salary.
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    swing dutchman

    You are comparing the reaction of a 20ft nub being pulled by a skidsteer (as mentioned above) versus falling entire trees where even a full size skidsteer can't provide as much persuasion.
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    swing dutchman

    You didn't explain why having a tapered hinge would cause the wood to steer or hold in one direction. You explained why you tapered the hinge but not its function.
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    swing dutchman

    If you left more hinge on the top and a little hinge on the bottom perhaps it would have swung more and not collapsed in the leans direction.
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    Toro Dingo Muffler Work-Around

    Diameter of the inlet and outlet, as mentioned above, and the construction of internal baffles can affect air flow. More open and airflow is usually better than less.
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    What do you use for a base anchor?

    I just use one wrap around the tree with my tail and a running bowline. Sometimes I tie a carabiner one the end and also clip it to the line as a back up. I thought about using a piece of rope but I feel like it's less things to go wrong.
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    Ditch Witch SK1550 Trailer Suggestions

    I load my mini and stump grinder into a bri-mar dump with the ramps it came with. The mini platform can scrape the ground a bit when unloading backwards but its not too sketchy. The stump grinder doesn't like to climb it if the wheels or ramps are wet. I have to throw some plywood down. I rolled...
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    1998 bandit 1890xp drum clogging up

    Have you tried more rpms if you aren't running it full speed? My drum chipper will clog up in dead cedar or spruce if the knive/anvil clearance is not good as mentioned above.
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    Call for actions if u own SC60TX and want Carlton style remote

    I purchased a wireless remote from them for my 2000 era Carlton 4400-4 and he had it shipped the same day. I am very happy with it so far.

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