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  1. BooRad

    GRCS question

    Received my GRCS and was putting together and watching video today, looking to bring her out tomorrow. The latch that locks strap and frame in place has no spring mechanism??! This cannot be correct? Video has no mention and GRCS website has no parts diagram up yet (says coming soon)...
  2. BooRad

    300 gallon spray/pump....

    300 gallon with nice retrieve spool. Mostly used for soil injection. Always winterized. Been sitting, make me an offer - Morris County, NJ
  3. BooRad

    Ground mats for Tracked Lift...

    I've been using AlturnaMats for years for Lift/Knuckle/chip trucks. Swear by them. Just wondering if something better for a tracked lift. Smoother ride would seem better than the diamond traction design. Or just plain plywood? Thanks,
  4. BooRad

    Switch and go chip body

    Will post pictures soon enough, but straight forward item - switch and go full chip box - red. Full size box, minimal use hence the sell. Sits around the yard too much. No rust or such. $3250. Located in Morris County, NJ.
  5. BooRad

    Bandit GM or Ford Gas engine??

    Scoping out some Bandit Chippers. I see both GM and Ford has engine options. One better then another? THANKS! Merry Christmas all.
  6. BooRad

    NJ Buzzers...any NJLTE webinars available?

    Hello,. Would anyone out there have a link for any webinars for NJLTE credits? Only need 2.5 more. Been scurrying the net.
  7. BooRad

    Beech tree with white fungus whiskers.

    Looked at two beech trees this afternoon.... foliage looked cooked, and then these white fungus whiskers shooting from the trunk .....??? Thanks.
  8. BooRad

    161 T Battery top handle, when?

    Sthil 161 T battery tophandle....when available on E Coast? (NJ). Anyone have any info on the availability? Also, these are AP300 battery I believe, correct? Thanks.
  9. BooRad

    Rayco Super RG50

    Rayco Super RG 50 for sale. 60 hp deultz, 4wd, hyd blade. Always maintained - oil changed etc. Rayco trailer included. $16,500. Southern Morris County, New Jersey. 622 hours
  10. BooRad

    Bandit XPC 15 issue

    Hello, anyone else run a Bandit XPC 15? The "C" being the question here. I demo'd one and seemed great EXCEPT for an abundance of chips that will shoot back when chipping large diameter material. Always ran 250 XP's, only every now and then shot of a chunk, but nothing like this. This...

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