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  1. macswan

    Technically splicing, I think.

    One strap had blown and the other was fraying on my evo 2. That’s whipping twine for the win. It held on the first outing yesterday. We’ll see if it’s got stamina though.
  2. macswan


    So this piece... I am up a decent sized oak, a removal, 50 yards from a house. I am at my TIP 45-50' above ground, I blow the first of two tops into the woods, all systems go, no problem. Second top goes into the woods in the opposite direction of the house, tips hit first, butt slaps down like...
  3. macswan

    Stupid arborist

    working in these big Elms on a college campus. The schools arborist drives me over to the next tree in a gator, as we drive my rope bag falls over and enough rope comes out the top that the whole 200' dispense across the Main Street. Neither of us notice, drive to next tree rope no there. He...
  4. macswan

    Rope bag

    Got this from weaver at expo, they had a bunch made up, company logo, pictures of kids, whatnot. Pretty cool
  5. macswan

    Seeking ASCA text book

    I am looking for a copy of "a consultants guide to writing effective reports" published by ASCA. I would love to borrow, rent, or purchase at reduced rate. Anybody got one lying around?
  6. macswan

    Humble brag

    Been a while. How you buzzards doing?! Had a funny experience the other day that only you will appreciate. In a sugar maple, blow a big top, top falls and goes tips down, dead branch sticking out of the canopy breaks off as the tips hit the ground and the thing is thrown at me HARD as if it...
  7. macswan

    Kids twist mod

    Alright, tell me I am crazy. I think it's pretty legit. For the daughter, she's less than sixty lb. Gonna put some lock stitches on the knots. The knotting is super convoluted. I forgot how to do it by the time I got to the second one, took me a bit to refigure.. ?
  8. macswan

    Swan spawn

    first two are my ten yr old, he was climbing doubled rope, on his own. Threw his TIP in three shots. Last one my six yr old she was mainly just swinging around. They both had a blast. He woke up the next morning and was out at the tree again within two hours.
  9. macswan

    Shame Lumbra injured

    I am posting this here instead of awakening because it wasn't a tree accident, just a tree guy. Shane is a local fella, competes in tccs every year, a lot of you may know him. He a genuine and enjoyable human. He was hurt real bad the other day by a machine he was working on. I do not have any...
  10. macswan

    Hipsters just found us
  11. macswan

    Hard spots in rope

    my vortex has two spots that feel like the buried area on a splice. I got a big wad of pitch on my line that stuck (punny) around for a while. I can't be sure, but I think it is what started these hard spots. They don't bend when you roll a bite, and if you bend them, there is crunching...
  12. macswan

    Head shake

    Seems to be sideways. You guys are gonna havta lie down for this one.
  13. macswan

    Tango vision. New rope? Anyone got any info on this? Looks nice. I like a THICK rope.
  14. macswan

    Cool elm project

    got to be involved with the nature conservancy elm restoration project. Cool experience. News showed up
  15. macswan

    living the dream

    music is not kid friendly. am gonna try to find cleaner songs that fit as well, but it hasn't happened yet I forgot to mention originally that all the rigging was done on the Omni block. And my speedy ascents were made possible by the powerscender.
  16. macswan

    BDB or RR isolation trick

    When I am passing the bone or runner thru a crotch above me to get back a pony tail, or set a new redi, or what ever, I used to just tie a slip knot under the thing and clip the biner to it to prevent slippage. Little bulky, sometimes a pain to tie. The other day I did this by accident and...
  17. macswan

    Protos clear integrated specs

    got the clear pair from Steve, and haven't used my other glasses since. So clutch. That hole helmet is a goddamn boss.
  18. macswan

    Hi viz bomber jacket

    anyone wanna trade? they go for around fifty bucks on the web. My mother in law got it for me. She noticed a snap had popped off, so she got a replacement, and the company never asked for the old one back. She found it in her closet. Told me to get rid of it. Never worn, snap came off one of...
  19. macswan

    Italian fid

    my buddy Sabatino made this for me the other day. copper tube, butternut handle, effing gorgeous.
  20. macswan

    Deep and dark...

    so, this is something I've been pondering for a while. I am trying to break myself of those bad habits that seem to be of a nature as to kill me some day. And I think the more I discuss them, the more I think about them in the moment, the more I take the safer route. We all have em, we should...

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