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  1. Tree_Frog

    vermeer vs brush bandit

    Lol. Splitting crew with two of everything this year. Time to make real money. One crew pays the bills. The other turns the profit. The grapple set up is your hidden jem during your client build up. Contact John and he may be able to find what you need before years end. I had a 65xp. Great...
  2. Tree_Frog

    vermeer vs brush bandit

    Yup. The cost of equipment is outrageous. Unless you have a million dollars laying around these days as seed money, good luck. Run your own race, find your niche, and don’t price compete with people of lesser quality and poor ethics.
  3. Tree_Frog

    vermeer vs brush bandit

    I bought a 12xp last year (2018) and they are building my new 15xp due in January. Company wrench has a great rep. John. Personally I think the diesel market is destroyed due to epa emission requirements. No long term advantages unless you delete everything back to a functional engine. Gas...
  4. Tree_Frog

    Check out my new toys!

    Who makes the little one and how much? That is awesome!
  5. Tree_Frog

    Saw this ad. Thoughts?

    Wow this thread exploded. Rico. I’ve been running a business here for 9 years and have never heard of Cory before clicking on a google add while viewing a local forum a customer asked me to review. We...
  6. Tree_Frog

    First Grinder

    My bandit dealer, Company wrench, has been great. John Snyder goes out of his way to take care of business. I have had my chipper go down on Friday. And he had me a loaner on Monday, delivered and swapped for repair. Same thing on my grinder. An issue arose and I have a loaner to keep my...
  7. Tree_Frog

    First Grinder

    I agree. Hence me shopping. Lots of things to consider. Trailer, trucks. People. Target market. Competition. This all had input into the decision. Speed will not always win.
  8. Tree_Frog

    First Grinder

    Around 38” Live Oak with a large mound. It took about 4 hours of grinding and cleaning with about 16 yards of chips/soil removed. I looked heavily into the bandit line. Almost pulled the trigger on the 2600 series grinders but I was not satisfied with the performance of the rev wheel (too...
  9. Tree_Frog

    Saw this ad. Thoughts?

    Just had a thought. The property owner is responsible for injuries sustained on their property. Ouch.
  10. Tree_Frog

    First Grinder

    I have 2 bandit zt. Great little machines. You will need a bobcat mt85 to move chips if a second pass is needed. It fits my select housing area. If your budget is 50k then you can get the grinder, mini, and trailer.
  11. Tree_Frog

    Saw this ad. Thoughts? It’s the picture of the kid feeding the chipper that got me.
  12. Tree_Frog

    Stump Grinder bought a Brush Bandit 2550

    Ended up buying another ZT. Ordered it in August. Still waiting to get it. Just demoed the 3100 series tow behind with the HD rev wheel. The teeth held up much better than the standard rev wheel. I have to order a 15xp chipper before deciding on the final grinder.
  13. Tree_Frog

    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Leaf out is organize and structured.
  14. Tree_Frog

    There was a tree hiding in there.

    Little of both. Got a new leaf out pic of a golf course tree that I will post. Response should be organized and normal.
  15. Tree_Frog

    Fertilizer/pesticide licenses

    Get the limited commercial. Almost impossible to get one in FL. Gotta have 3 years under someones else's license.
  16. Tree_Frog

    There was a tree hiding in there.

  17. Tree_Frog

    Green Teeth vs New River

    What setup do you have and how do you sharpen the teeth to get a precision edge while on the grinder?
  18. Tree_Frog

    Tree With Power Line (Picture)

    The z says no. Your wallet says yes. Hum. Call and have them dropped. Enjoy.
  19. Tree_Frog

    Weakening OSHA...what gain is there?

    It only help the workers if the companies use the revenue savings to help the workers. The paper work alone will drown profits of any company when dealing with the government.
  20. Tree_Frog

    Elbow pain

    Tiger Balm the original stuff from Thailand. Amazon has it. The american version is synthetic.

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