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  1. treemonkee58

    Husqvarna Demos

    Husqvarna is offering demos on their professional saws. A full refund up to 7 days after purchase. Check out the Husqvarna Crown Commitment on their website.
  2. treemonkee58

    Help, need advice on with saving tree for shared root system

    I have a customer that has a two oak trees (20 dbh) that share a common root structure. One tree is encroaching heavily on his house and needs to be removed. The trees are joined with included bark joint at ground level. Sorry I don't have a good picture available. For discussion sake lets...
  3. treemonkee58

    equipment security

    Does anyone have a gps tracker installed on their chipper or tractor. I'm picking up a new to me chipper next week and wanted to A, Keep it from walking off B. Knowing where it walked to if it does walk Thanks for input in advance

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