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  1. Tree_Frog

    Saw this ad. Thoughts? It’s the picture of the kid feeding the chipper that got me.
  2. Tree_Frog

    There was a tree hiding in there.

  3. Tree_Frog

    More Light to a Golf Course Green

    Request was to clean and prune the tree to allow more light or have to spend $40K to move the green. Goal accomplished. End day 1 End 1/2 day 2. To accomplish the goal we did a major reduction of the green side stem to provide more light penetration. Due to the lack of proper pruning and...
  4. Tree_Frog

    Fun job.

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  5. Tree_Frog

    Chipper Insurance

    I'm looking for a new carrier to insure my chipper. Progressive will not insure chippers. Any thought? Thanks,
  6. Tree_Frog

    Tree Frog Tree Service - Hiring Climber's/Driver's

    Hiring Climber's/Driver's - Experience required with a clean driving recored. Equipment provided. The Villages, FL
  7. Tree_Frog

    Ever cut your rope to Escape?

    Had a fun day today. Got do decide to get stung to death or cut my rope with a 372 w/ 24” bar on the hip. All I can say is that silky’s are sharp. The fall was a 20’ leap of faith. No injuries. Just about 40 stings. I was doing a “quick” job working on a large live oak (virginanna). Cut one...
  8. Tree_Frog

    Bandit ZT1844

    Just started looking into this unit to get to some tight spots. Anyone have any experience and price points? Thanks.
  9. Tree_Frog

    Cabling and Bracing as an Arborist

    I recently had a chance to bid a cabling and bracing job. I did not win the bid as another Arborist did. I thought this would be a fun one to talk about as there are quite a bit of discussion that can be made on this tree and what was done to it. The DBH = 40 inches The Diameter of the...
  10. Tree_Frog

    Power House Mini Loaders

    I am looking for a mini loader and cannot figure out who makes the Power House line. Anyone know? Thanks.
  11. Tree_Frog

    D-Rings for Stake Pockets

    I have a flat bed equipment trailer that did not come with D-rings. I was going to have some welded on but haven't gotten around to it. I just found these from a great trailer manufacturer. Just got 4 for a quick fix. I'll let you know how they work...
  12. Tree_Frog

    Opinions on the Computer Controlled Husq - 500 series

    What are people's opinions on Husqvarna's 500 Series Saws?
  13. Tree_Frog

    Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata)

    I was lucky enough to prune this date palm this summer. Lots of work. Well worth it in the end. I have a question about the best way to keep the new seedlings/shoots from coming back. Items already addressed: -Cutting below the heart once tall enough. -Routine cutting of stalks until they...
  14. Tree_Frog

    Pushing Pruning Limitations

    In response to a previous post from Guy I have decided to post a personal study that I have been documenting. My goal is for an accredited agency to formally use this information as a basis for a study. Of course this pruning method will probably be species and growing season dependent. The...
  15. Tree_Frog

    Podium Bosun's Seat By Petzl

    Podium Bosun\'s Seat By Petzl I've been using my Petzl Sequoia SRT for palms but as everyone knows your legs take a beating from hanging there. I plan on getting a Sequoia Swing in the future as the palms get bigger but in the...
  16. Tree_Frog

    Retrenchment and Mistletoe

    I figured that I would just start a new post to address this tree (Quercus virginiana) from I call this the puzzle tree because as you walk around it, your plan changes at every angle. It was not...
  17. Tree_Frog

    Grapple Truck Insurance

    I have a buddy that has a grapple truck in layup and to get insurance to bring it online he is being quoted at $16,000. The insurance company wants to rate the 30 yard grapple as a crane. I have never owned a grapple so I am not familar with the insurance costs. What are the going rates and...
  18. Tree_Frog


    Got motivated by Cameron.
  19. Tree_Frog

    Silva Cells

    Anyone have any experience installing this under driveways after root pruning a mature tree. Root barrier will be installed to a depth of 18" but just saw this and considered entertaining some new root chases designed for a re-expansion of the root zone back to the green space on the other side...
  20. Tree_Frog

    Close call on TV

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