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  1. Erlend

    Removal of elm, Norway

    Just finished editing some clips taken from a removal we did earlier this spring.
  2. Erlend

    Fatal felling accident in Norway Sorry about the language, but I guess the pictures talk for themselves.
  3. Erlend

    Santa got stuck! Sorry about the language, but the story in short was that the norwegian "special" police force was holding a christmas party, and Santa was supposed to rappell down the building with his...
  4. Erlend

    steelcore flipline broke, 3-4 years orld
  5. Erlend

    My newly modded husky

    With this modification, patching up my chainsawpants will be easier!
  6. Erlend

    Unused unicender

    I have a unused unicender (only tested it on the ground, but it dosnt show any wear). I bought it a couple of years ago, and never came arround using it. Then came the recall issue, and it lay arround for quite some time before I sent it inn for an inspection. By the time I got it back, I was...
  7. Erlend

    Another topped tree, need advice (pic attached)

  8. Erlend

    DIY, interesting use of ladders

    Came across this today, and just had to share it!
  9. Erlend

    The accender of my dreams!

    Ok, I'm to lazy to figure out a good way to make this item, so I'm hoping someone else will :-) What I need is an accender with a integrated pully on the side for a quick changeover to rads. I could of course just put a dmm revolver single gate on the accender, but I think it would be smoother...
  10. Erlend

    One reason why removing stubs is a good idea

    One of my employees had a not to good day at work today...
  11. Erlend

    ETCC, anyone?

    Just wondering who here I might meet at the ETCC in Munchen.
  12. Erlend

    Norwegian tree climbing championship

    Just thought I'd let you all know, April 21 in the city of Skien. If any one of you should happen to be arround, guest climbers are always welcome! PM me for more info!
  13. Erlend

    This years last takedown! (pics)

    Just continueing "the thing you would never expect" post! Wish you all a Merry Christmas!
  14. Erlend

    Weekend quiz!

    I found this "antique" "arborist" tool while roaming about in my companys former owner gear/junk. Anyone guess what it is for? Winner gets if for free (P&P not inclueded)

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