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  1. guymayor

    Al and Ca from low pH--is whitewashing trunks the answer?

    When trunks get bleeding lesions I specify a drench with Calcium. I saw this paper: by Dr. Kevin Smith. Am I crazy?
  2. guymayor

    Sooty bark disease on maple

    Cryptostroma corticale is evidently a pathogen that went from the US to Europe. Used to be Coniophorum? aka maple-strippers disease...Anyway folks in Europe are wondering about potential treatments... And I'm wondering about it switching from saprobe to pathogen here, with rising temps and...
  3. guymayor

    Training Callus with Mesh

    In Russia I saw cavities covered with mesh that was attached to the inside of the hole. Apparently, where the tissue is wounded, callus spreads across the screen quite quickly. A compelling practice.
  4. guymayor

    EAB--Does Drenching Work on Big Trees?

    We don't have a lot of ash but the green bug has arrived nonetheless. From what I read and hear, drenching works on smaller trees but larger trees have to be injected for effective control. Is this true? Why or why not? What diameter is the threshold? I have a few big ash trees under my...
  5. guymayor

    Veteran Tree Specialist Certification--Practicing and Consulting Levels

    Here's what they are up to in Europe. Totally compatible with ANSI, ZTV, BS3998, QTRA, TRAQ, LANTRA, and the rest. If you have thoughts on this to share, they are taking comments this month.
  6. guymayor

    ISA-Texas, September 28-29, 2017

    Keynote presentation "Around the Tree World in 70 Days" on the 28th, and Report Writing for the Commercial Arborist on the 29th. I really enjoyed the show in Waco last time, and am keen to see and hear from other folks while we're there...
  7. guymayor

    September 27, 2017: Vancouver CanWest Expo

    Presenting on Restoration Pruning after Storms, and Managing Aging Trees, Wednesday morning. Lots of new material integrated into these topics!
  8. guymayor

    A Balanced View of Fungus and Trees…/tci-magazine/…/06/index.html… Great article on relationships between fungus and trees, from Drs. Smith and Glaeser, who know the subject. A refreshing break from assessors who know little but view interior decay with fear, loathing, and phony formulas. "Arborists...
  9. guymayor

    Treating Butt Rot

    Armillaria managed by cleaning and drying.
  10. guymayor

    Lot Line Precision Pruning--a followup

    28 months ago I started this thread. 21 pages of comments, after this news was posted: The public hullabaloo dissolved when the offended parties insisted that "only branch removal with collar cuts is...
  11. guymayor

    Drilling Buttress Roots for Diagnosis

    Up to now, I'd known of only one company that drills the flare for data, despite the obvious health issues from wounding and spreading decay in that critical part of the tree. But when I ordered the Root Management BMP, I saw that practice featured on the cover. Shell wall thickness formulas...
  12. guymayor

    Regenerating the "High Risk, Unmitigable" Post Oak

    Yesterday i visited the post oak that was the subject of the "Regenerating Hollow Trees" article here. Two declining limbs died further, but the surprising change in 3+ years was the growth of the "guy wire" adventitious root--1/2" thicker! Very little change in condition or prognosis...
  13. guymayor

    Reduction Cuts = Retrenchment Pruning

    Yesterday I climbed a baldcypress that is under transmission lines so it's in an ongoing court battle. The tree's response to last year's pruning puts the lie to the myth that reduction cuts to buds and small laterals aka "footing cuts" will trigger wild sprouting and rampant decay. Last June...
  14. guymayor

    treehumper dismantles ancient oak, and tells the story.

    This was the saddest aerial inspection I have ever done. A fruitless search for signs of arboreal life. I'm surprised they are talking about taking the whole thing down. Leaving the bottom 20' as a vine prop seemed like a good idea.…/a-600-year-old-oak-tree-finally-su…...
  15. guymayor

    Old Oak's Associates

    Images from a very old oak. It's in steep decline, and I don't think that's due to a biotic pest. But still looking for thoughts on these.
  16. guymayor

    Bodnarziewia berkeleyii

    This is 1 of 2 trees that I work with that have B.b. I'm scheduling a winter checkup and wondering about the best way to manage it. 37# of conk came off in 2014. Cleaned and cleared the infection site, replaced soil with porous aggregate, reduced crown. What next?
  17. guymayor

    Fluffy Floofy Puffy Dusty...Fungus?

    This popped up on a Q robur. Black specks (spores?) fly out when it gets poked. Had not been seen on this tree before. Observations and testimony go back a century. Europe's Tree of the Year, 2015. Trunk is quite hollow. Vitality is medium/high. Proximal, inside of this feature, there are...
  18. guymayor

    "Shigo V-Cut"??

    I've been pruing trees for 50 years, but just heard this term for the first time. Anyone know what it means?
  19. guymayor

    Inventory + Specifications = Street Tree Retrenchment

    Here's a blog post after a 3-year check on "overmature" willow oaks. A 10%-20% reduction of these ~100' trees was judged a success.
  20. guymayor

    Pruning Street Trees--Permit?

    Property owners have ownership over the earth below--as Jed Clampett happily found out--and the sky above. If that sky includes branches from a tree that originates elsewhere, we can prune them as long as we do not harm the trunk owner's property in that tree. But what about street trees...

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