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  1. 802climber

    WTB Bandit 1890/1990/2090 with loader

    Looking for a large chipper 18”-21” 250HP+ preferably with grapple loader. Wheels or tracks. Whats out there ?
  2. 802climber

    Stumper 240 HD for Mini Skid

    For sale is our nearly new Stumper 240HD attachment for mini skid... barely used ... decided to buy a large dedicated grinder instead. This thing has not even made it through its first set of teeth. Paid about $7000 for the unit and a set of spare teeth and rakers which are included. Need...
  3. 802climber

    Where to buy Stumper 240 teeth?

    Does anyone have a Stumper 240 attachment for their mini skid and where do you get new teeth and rakers, and roughly what should they cost? Thanks
  4. 802climber

    ***********SOLD************2006 F-550 Chip Truck - Bulletproofed

    2006 F-550 XLT chip truck, 4x4, Auto, Power, heated mirrors, A/C, Strobes front + rear, backup lights Located in Southern Vermont. < 130k miles on 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel @ 325 H.P. Bulletproofed last year , including head studs. SCT programmer included Fleet maintained Oil Undercoated...
  5. 802climber

    Climber / Bucket Operator - Southern Vermont - Top Pay, Sign On Bonus & Relocation Assistance Up To $7,500

    SEEKING EXPERIENCED TREE CLIMBER FOR YEAR-ROUND WORK (Jamaica, VT): Work on some of the nicest properties in Southern Vermont with some of the best equipment in the area, with a quality-based and safe company. Three to five or more (3-5+) years of verifiable experience in residential tree...
  6. 802climber

    Ice studs on tracked mini skid?

    Has anyone had any success running ice studs on their rubber tracked mini skid? Looking for recommendations that will not tear out on their own, will come back out in the spring, and not ruin my tracks. Maybe too much to ask? Thanks in advance!
  7. 802climber

    ISO gas powered drill - Stihl, Tanaka, Echo

    ISO gas drill in good used condition, Stihl, Tanaka, Echo Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 802climber

    SOUTHERN VERMONT: Hiring Experienced and Entry-level

    Carr Tree & Timber is an ISA Certified Arborist-owned tree and woodland care company, located in Southern Vermont near Mt. Snow and Brattleboro. Our area is known for excellent outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing, and winter sports. We are a drug/smoke-free family company practicing modern...
  9. 802climber

    Sanitizing Pruning Tools

    What is the best way to disinfect pruning tools between trees? We have always used bleach water when a situation called for it. I have heard that bleach is phytotoxic. Is there a better way?
  10. 802climber

    R&R ALC Isolator Clamps?

    Quick question for the Aerial Lift of Connecticut owners out there..... I want to pull the band clamps off my insulator for paint. Is it as simple as it looks and does anyone have the torque spec to reinstall them? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 802climber

    Should I buy a 2008 F150 with 150k miles?

    Found a really clean 2008 F150 for a fair price but it has like 150,000 miles on the 5.4 triton. I don't know much about gas vehicles, only diesel... My Subaru is near the end of the line and thinking of getting an F150 for a sales/PHC vehicle. Is this too many miles for a gas job? Thanks
  12. 802climber

    Need some help with airspade proposal

    I am quoting some airspade work on a large sugar maple. The tree is 33" DBH and has a 100 foot crown span (dripline to dripline). About half of this area is going to be vertical mulched (gas drill, 3' grid) to reduce impact to turfgrass and landscape plantings. The other half is undeveloped...
  13. 802climber

    ISO air spade with case

  14. 802climber


    Paypal Only. Will post some pics if I get any interest. T540XP - Complete Saw - $550.00 Shipped to CON US Bought new in 2015 Original techlite bar and chain Everything the saw came with: Parts, manual and scabbard S/N 2014-4300200 372XP (NOT X-Torq) - Powerhead Only - $700.00 Shipped to...
  15. 802climber

    SENA SMH10 Troubleshooting

    Got a pair of SENA's last season. They are awesome, when they work! Having a problem where my groundie cannot hear me talk, but I can hear him talk. Every once in awhile he can hear me. He also complains of some weird crackling noise. It is almost like the "noise canceling" feature is...
  16. 802climber

    Contract Bucket Crew available for Storm Work - Northeastern US

    Alright, I am sticking my neck out here, please let me know if I posted this in the wrong place... We are a small tree care company based out of Southern Vermont looking to get into some storm work this fall/winter. Prefer to stay in New England/New York. Would potentially travel anywhere in...
  17. 802climber

    * Please Delete *

    Looking for a backpack mist blower. Stihl, Solo, etc.. Thanks in advance
  18. 802climber

    Job Openings - Southern Vermont

    Carr Tree & Timber is an ISA Certified Arborist-owned tree and woodland care company, located in beautiful Southern Vermont. We are a drug-free family company practicing modern arboriculture with an emphasis on safety, training and team work. We are looking to add 2 team members: (1) Arborist...
  19. 802climber

    WTB chip truck

    I am potentially looking to upgrade my chip truck. I am looking for something that has been maintained, is relatively clean and not too rusty. Would like to find a crew cab F550 or F450 (7.3 diesel preferred) with L-packs and Southco (or similar) chip body, removable roof preferred. Located...
  20. 802climber

    Help with chipper - 93 Woodchuck Hyroller WC17

    Lower feed motor quit on the job yesterday. Getting 2250 psi to the bad motor. Does anyone have a source for these motors? Painfully slow progress through Altec.. Also I am looking for a mechanics manual for this chipper; not the owners manual but a real shop manual if they made one...

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