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  1. robinia

    Wanted: HH2 holster

    I can’t find this online anywhere. If anyone has one to sell, or could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful! Rob
  2. robinia

    ISO : TRAQ form, digital/editable

    Has anyone got or can steer me toward a pdf or someway editable, digital form? I'm getting tired of paper photocopies, especially when I end up later scanning them anyway... I'm looking for a form to use on a phone or tablet that I just check boxes and fill in the blank fields. Many thanks in...
  3. robinia

    Any Boston arbs want to hang out?

    Just visiting for a few days starting tomorrow. I'll be visiting Mark Przekurat, hanging around Arnold geeking on trees, and we're likely going to Yale Ropes or Teufelberger. I'd love an inside scoop on Arnold trees or other area things to do. Thanks in advance Treebuzz Fam!
  4. robinia

    Sideloading climbing rings

    I'm curious to learn if there have been any studies or tests on the use of climbing rings in sideloaded configurations. Rings are commonly referred to as 'unidirectional', but of course this only applies to a 360 degree radius along the major axis. We are now regularly loading these rings...
  5. robinia

    Anyone know what this is?

    Photo taken in Spain. Pinus spp.? Cultivar? Is that a pest/disease? sorry that's the only pic.
  6. robinia

    Toronto man killed by falling branch

  7. robinia

    Fids & Fibers Ontario

    Fids & Fibers was in Ontario last weekend and it was an incredible time! Located in Port Lambton right on the US border, we had a great mix of Canadians and Americans. It was a full house with 12 participants and our instructor Mark Przekurat. Mark was an amazing instructor. He is obviously...
  8. robinia

    using BackBone as an aerial brake

    I'm pretty excited to get my hands on a SafeBlok, so in the mean time it got me thinking. Seems to me that my BackBone had some possibilities and turns out its true. I don't use it all that much for it's 'day job' and I always love tools with multiple uses. So here's how I set it up for aerial...
  9. robinia

    warp speed bridge autopsy

    I recently replaced a warp speed bridge on one of my saddles. I was starting to get concerned about it as it had been in service for at least 2-3 years, occasional usage. I honestly can't remember how old it was. I pulled off the cover to inspect the load bearing core and it looked like you...
  10. robinia

    ultrasling instruction

    Can someone give me instructions for making an ultrasling? Is it just a length of tenex folded in half and then brummelled out to the ends? 3 brummels for each section? Also what is the advantage over a loopie/whoopie? Thanks.
  11. robinia

    swivel ideas

    I got this swivel several years ago to use on a floating bridge and never really liked it. Took it off soon after and haven't touched it in years. I got thinking about ways to use it and came up with a few. Other ideas would be very welcome!
  12. robinia

    Brooklyn, NYC: biker hit by tree
  13. robinia

    Hey Tuttle, can you please PM me?

  14. robinia

    Sherrill style redirect? Has anyone here made one of these, non-stitched? Any instructions or ideas to share?
  15. robinia

    New equipment

    My son and I spent the weekend in the shop working on our new truck and chipper. Turned out great!
  16. robinia

    accessory cord break tests

    Today I got some splices tested. Mostly out of curiosity and also because I found out there is a lab on campus that can break them for me and I couldn't resist! I tested several accessory cords and ropes that I have been using and was curious how they would test out in tensile strength. Many of...
  17. robinia

    Crap gear!

    What is the lousiest, most worthless, garbage piece of gear you've ever bought? Don't pull no punches now... HighBall comes to mind for me right off the bat. :mad: I swear I only got 3 throws out of it before it split!!
  18. robinia

    Trusting your splice

    A quote from a recent thread: I'm wondering how many of us actually have our splices break tested? And I am not asking the pro splicers who are selling their work, just those of us who splice for ourselves or friends. I have to say I really relate to the quote above. In fact I regularly use...
  19. robinia

    Ontario TCC

    Who's coming to St. Thomas? Also, anyone want to split on a room? PM me if so.
  20. robinia

    Dead Ash - no rig

    Playing with my new helmet cam. I only wish I knew why it didn't upload in HD...:(

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