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    Husky 536li Scabbard for climbing?

    I'm loving this little battery saw, but I want to try keeping a scabbard on while climbing to keep chain from tangling on branches and nicking my ropes/saddle. I see Stihl makes a nice arborist scabbard designed to click into place, but I'm guessing that won't work on Husky saw? Anyone tried...
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    Relatively small but dumb mistake(s)

    I've been getting a little lazy/comfortable with orchard ladder's convenience, and got a kick in the butt reminder of the consequences today. An oak had just one horizontal limb at 12' high to be removed, only 5-1/2" diameter but a good 35' long. Foolishly duped by the 'simplicity' I didn't...
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    Workshop worth attending/$50? "Using 2017 ANSI z133" w/ Tim Walsh

    I'm thinking of doing this tomorrow, but I'm new with current company so it's my own time/coin. Any thoughts on how valuable this particular workshop/presenter could be (for your average intermediate climber)? Link:
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    Westcoast Tree Care Inc. -- anyone worked for them?

    Has anybody worked for this company? Craigslist Ads all over the NW... They mention $$ but I don't see much mention of safety... Dawn to dusk 6-7 days a week type outfit? Thanks for any experience you care to share.
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    Any SRT canopy anchor that's rescue "retrievable/release-able"?

    So I'll be trying SRT, and I've seen several ways to set a Canopy anchor that is retrievable once I'm back on the ground. I also like the idea of using a Base anchor to give some rescue insurance, but I don't like the idea of doubling the load on the TIP. I'm wondering if anyone's figured out...

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