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  1. machuca86

    Looking for a contract climber in Texas

    Need an experienced contract climber in Central Texas. Contact Andrew
  2. machuca86

    Looking to hire Certified Arborist in Central Texas

    Above it All Tree Care is looking to hire a Certified Arborist. We're based out of Belton, Texas. Contact Andrew
  3. machuca86

    Looking to hire experienced climber in Central Texas

    Above it All Tree is looking to hire an experienced tree climber. We're based out of Belton, Texas. Contact Andrew
  4. machuca86

    Reusing your wood chips

    Any of you guys reusing your own wood chips to mulch around clients trees? I usually purchase native wood mulch from the local county extension because its gone through the correct process but was wondering how many of you guys just reuse your own? What is the correct process? Just let it sit...
  5. machuca86

    Maple tree

    Maple tree with large oval shaped holes. Here is a picture of the holes and you can actually see a long antenna of one sticking out of the hole. Also looked like it had some big pinchers
  6. machuca86

    red tip leaf spot

    What treatment is best for entomosporium leaf spot on red tips?
  7. machuca86

    Check out my youtube channel

    Check out this video and my other videos and subscribe please. Need to build up my subscribers
  8. machuca86

    Using tablets while making estimates

    Curious how many of yall use tablets to write up and email the bid while at the estimate? I have been writing the info, then going home and typing it up. Sometimes i dont get done with estimates till dark then i still have to go home and type them.
  9. machuca86

    Dealing with grass after applying mulch

    I recently did my first aerating job with an air spade and was curious about the best way to keep grass from growing back. We aerated an area with a 58 ft diameter that was originally grass. After aerating we spread mulch. For the most part the grass hasnt come back but there are a few thick areas.
  10. machuca86

    Another one

    Kind of long but i think its cool. Even if no one else enjoys i had a blast making it. The credits at the end is my favorite part lol.
  11. machuca86

    Above it All Tree Care elm removal

  12. machuca86

    Check out my new video!!!

    Check out this motivational video. If this doesnt make you wanna climb trees nothing will lol
  13. machuca86

    Mulch Calculater

    Has anyone use this mulch calculator?
  14. machuca86

    Hypoxylon Canker in Red Oak

    How do you treat hypoxylon canker in a red oak? I only noticed it on 2 limbs and we removed both of them. We removed an entire red oak that had hypox and died about 75 ft. away. The soil around the red oak i want to save is pretty compacted and there is a deck over it and water pump for a pool...
  15. machuca86

    newsletter templates

    Just curious if anyone is sending out newsletters via email? If so where are you getting your templates? Im currently looking into

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