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  1. Baja Mike

    1998 Rear Mount ALC

    Great truck $45,000.00
  2. Baja Mike

    Rayco RG 35

    Great unit has quad wheel with green teeth low hours and brand new bearings $11,000.00
  3. Baja Mike

    2013 Ram 5500 Switch and Go

    Great truck just moving to a different setup
  4. Baja Mike

    2005 GMC 7500 Chip Truck

    ]Great condition,low miles,always maintained I have the records. It is a manual and that is the only reason I’m selling. $45,000.
  5. Baja Mike

    Looking for Chip truck

    Looking for a great condition under CDL chip truck can be pre or post emissions needs to be automatic. Regular hoist or hooklift. Strong enough to comfortably tow a 1590 around. Also 14 foot body or larger for capacity and reasonable mileage. Thanks Mike
  6. Baja Mike

    Help Ditch Witch 755 No Start

    My 755 was running perfect at job took it to next job it was no start. Making a chirping noise out of dash and only stays running when started engaged. Let me know Thanks
  7. Baja Mike

    Toro Stump grinder for Mini

    Used once I have dedicated grinders Make offer
  8. Baja Mike

    Used chipper knives

    20 in total Some sharpened some dull Make offer
  9. Baja Mike

    Stump grinder teeth

    Some new some used Packs have about 8 freshly sharpened teeth in each Make offer
  10. Baja Mike

    Searching Diesel Stumpgrinder

    Looking for Diesel grinder 40 hp or larger. And under 500 hrs Let me know Thanks Mike
  11. Baja Mike

    New Truck Under CDL

    Help me choose all will be under CDL Kenworth 270 with the px7 or 9 Pete with the px7 or 9 Hino 338 derated with the 260hp Freightliner International Truck will always be towing a 1590 Brand of hook lift Palfinger Swap Loader Ampirol Thanks for your input
  12. Baja Mike

    Used truck dealer reviews

    Good Afternoon Buzzers, Wondering if any of you have dealt with Hackett Sales out of Georgia and could give me your experience in dealing with them. Thanks Mike
  13. Baja Mike

    L Pack used decent shape

    Used L pack in decent condition. Little bit of rust here and their and a couple small holes in top see last picture easily plated as in second to last picture . I'd say it's in 75 percent condition. Located in Northern NJ Text for fastest response $750.00 open to trade of equal value as well but...
  14. Baja Mike

    Spider Lift Comparison

    I can only compare what I saw at the TCI expo. I spent a bit of time looking over the various lifts. Looking to purchase for the upcoming spring season. I loved the tracked lift for its ruggedness every part of the machine is protected and it looks extremely well built. The price of the 89 is a...
  15. Baja Mike

    Compensation Packages

    Wondering what others compensation packages consist of? What does it take to retain employees on top of a decent salary? 401k or simple ira? Vacation time how much time, or are your guys accruing vacation hours based on hours worked? Sick time how much? Holiday time what days? Any other forms of...
  16. Baja Mike

    Aerial lift demo

    Good Evening Buzzers I am interested in trying out an aerial lift in real world working conditions? I live in northern NJ. I have a alc rearmount and love it but am thinking of adding a tracked lift in the 72-100' class to my arsenal. If anyone has one that I could come in and work for a day and...
  17. Baja Mike

    3120 Husky

    Up for sale my 3120 Dual port, Unlimited coil, $1000.00 obo plus shipping Only selling as I picked up a 880 and all my other saws are stihl Very little use Thanks for looking
  18. Baja Mike

    Need help with Id

    Need help Id ing this oak located northern NJ near a river if that helps as a clue Thanks Mike
  19. Baja Mike

    SixGun Saw Works

    I just bought some modded saws from six guns. So far the 026 rips super stoked. Four big crane removals in one day took off all major limbs with it up to 20" dia. This saw is the perfect crane removal saw.Its lightweight powerful and can handle a 18 bar no prob and I don't even bother with the...
  20. Baja Mike

    Auto feed for 1999 250 xp

    Anyone have the info for who makes the best auto feed tach for this 250xp mine broke. Thanks Mike

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