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  1. DSMc

    New Line setter tool

    This line setter was made by Burrapeg. It is a rendition he designed of a simple swing-gate tool for putting a line over a limb in one easy and smooth motion. It can be used in the tree for advancing or changing a TIP or from the ground for small trees. This is way faster than any other line...
  2. DSMc

    Scientists discover how knots work Finally, we will be able to understand how this rope stuff works. "It seems like humans just lucked out and discovered some good knots," says Patil, "but it's kind of unclear how."
  3. DSMc


    Arborjet Systems for sale. Purchased in 2015, literally only used a couple of times, so in "like new" condition. Prices include shipping within continental US. One QuickJet Air system. Priced at $1400. One Tree IV Pro Deluxe Kit. Priced at $1,050. If purchased together, priced at $2,270.
  4. DSMc

    HH 2

    So the rumours are true, Paul Cox of Ropetek has been working on a new HH. The HH 2 is a sweet little tool! Smaller, lighter, even stronger side plates and much more refined. The changes are quite noticeable and not just holding it or looking at it but it runs and handles better on rope. Here...
  5. DSMc

    Carabiner nosing

    I thought this information is important enough that a reminder was in order for those of you who understand this risk and a heads up to those who do not. A lot of SRWP setups are becoming quite wide at the top of the carabiner and crowding the gate. This configuration increases the risk of...
  6. DSMc

    Tony's tenets

    Tony\'s tenets I am starting this thread because there has been an interesting discussion (derail) on the Hitch Hiker thread starting on page 9 in the "SRT-Half the rope, twice the fun" forum. Though it started on an SRT section of these forums, it certainly is not limited to them. So...
  7. DSMc

    Futura hand ascender

    There has been some discussion on the Hitch Hiker thread about the Futura, so instead of adding to the derail I figured I'd move the discussion. I really like the Futura but only for certain uses. If you are looking for a life support component it would be a bad choice. Aside from the adverse...
  8. DSMc

    Rope Wrench vs Unicender

    Ha,ha,ha! I am not going there. I am more interested in what will happen when the two are combined. Viewers please take note, even though this is an obviously coarse, jury-rigged system, the metal-to-metal contact of the two primary components, requires precision to function properly and...
  9. DSMc

    Tchukki Andersen

    After four years since first meeting Tchukki Andersen, BCMA and Staff Arborist for TCIA, here on the Buzz, Sylvia and I finally got to meet her face-to-face. We should all be proud that we are represented in our national organization by someone with the enthusiasm and dedication to...
  10. DSMc

    Tom and Nick's fault

    Tom and Nick\'s fault In some recent postings regarding the Unicender, it was mentioned that possibly putting a shoulder bolt on the bottom of the L might be a good way to capture the tail for fairleading. I voiced my skepticism as to whether this would be strong enough. Well, I guess I'll...
  11. DSMc

    September TCIA SRT article

    Kevin mentioned this in one of his other posts and I just finished reading it myself. Has anyone else read this? I would like to hear your thoughts. This article is by Brian Kane and Mark Reiland, entitled Applied Research for Climbing and Rigging: Single Rope Technique. Pg 44 in the...
  12. DSMc

    More Unicender Feedback

    As most of you know, I am a hard core Unicender convert. Fantastic tool. I have had issues with high wear, or at least wear that was more than I wanted, and believe I have resolved that problem, to my satisfaction. I have been using my latest Unicender for 9 months exclusively. This has...
  13. DSMc

    Fog proof goggles

    I found this while reading a review on battery-powered vent systems for motorcycles helmets. Looks like it could easily be adapted to our industry. Dave
  14. DSMc

    Why SRT?

    During one of the discussions on the safety of SRT, I mentioned that SRT movement and work positioning uses more leg power. It was requested that I elaborate on this. So I will try and hopefully others with more experience will be able to fill in the blanks. First, you need to look at...
  15. DSMc

    New Book

    This is a link to Amazon for a new book written by my friend and mentor, Ed Hobbs. Haven't read it yet. It might prove embarrassing for me as I know I am mentioned and I also know it was not the most stable time of my life. Ed is a very interesting guy so this should be good reading. This...
  16. DSMc

    RC 2000 and 3100 - Initial impressions

    When Reggie first displayed these products on the forums I made a comment to him that I would be most interested when they became available. Well, further discussion produced the RC 2000 and RC 3100 with the request that I post stating my honest impressions of the items. For my operation, just...
  17. DSMc

    Rads Mod

    Has anybody here ever tried something like this? I got the idea from Jim Dunlap posting a picture of leaving one side of the pulley open. His was still attached to a carabiner. I had a micropulley that was not being used and so attached the roller directly to the ascender. I have a...
  18. DSMc

    ValComm 900/face shield

    Just purchased a set of these from Earmark and requested the Petzl helmet attachment. These appear to be very nice units. I have not attached them to the helmet yets because there appears to be no place to attached a faceshield. At least there are none of the typical hardpoints for popping...
  19. DSMc

    Locking Revolver

    Can the locking revolvers be used to replace the rings on a ring-and-ring friction saver and still comply with safety regulations? Dave
  20. DSMc

    Oak ID

    Anyone familiar with this species of oak? The dbh is 51", 90+ feet tall, spread 78 ft. Bark is gray and furrowed. This leaf is typical of all the leaves throughout the tree. This is not an exaggerated growth pattern for this particular tree. Dave

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