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  1. Treezybreez

    Unrealistic expectations

    Here are a few examples of wording in my contracts: Large Red Maple on the front right corner of the house (Prune out major dead wood 2" and larger, Prune back one side of co-dominate trunk back to a lateral branch, thin canopy and remove the debris). Medium size White Oak on the front left...
  2. Treezybreez

    I'm stumped...

    Very interesting find Oldoakman! I recently took down an Oak that I believe to be a cross between a White Oak and a Chestnut Oak. The bark was closer to White Oak, while the leaves were more Chestnut looking.
  3. Treezybreez


    That's crazy! Hope you're in a safe location?
  4. Treezybreez


    Working near Mt. Mitchell today.
  5. Treezybreez

    Please help id this tree

    A. glabra or pavia?
  6. Treezybreez

    Anxiety About This Experience with a Customer

    Red flags can save you a lot of head ache and money.
  7. Treezybreez

    arborist letter ?

    P as in Pneumonia.
  8. Treezybreez

    Volunteer River Birch? And bugs ?

    I would keep it because I do not see very many of them and they are arguably the most beautiful elm species.
  9. Treezybreez

    Aerial rescues with basal anchors? Anybody actually know of one done?

    The only time I use a system designed to be lowerable, is when I take my disabled friend climbing. So far he has been able to lower himself, but if he ever can't...
  10. Treezybreez

    Volunteer River Birch? And bugs ?

    I think it's American Elm as well.
  11. Treezybreez

    Need Help

    Hevea brasiliensis?
  12. Treezybreez

    What's this? Bark growing into wood?

    looks like Elm.
  13. Treezybreez

    Fixes for tired gear, and the decline of Mfgr quality

    If you put some shoe goo on the corners of your throw cube, they will last longer. I make homemade throw bags from tubular Cordura chafe sleeve and then coat them with shoe goo.
  14. Treezybreez

    Watch out for those bald face hornets!

    The wasps that make paper nests have pretty good tasting larvae, if you can get them when they are still young and iridescent. Sorry you got stung Aron, that's never fun.
  15. Treezybreez

    When people try to do their own treework

    It certainly gave me an eerie feeling at first. Kind of like when I offered to help a friend's dad from church roof the shop they were building and her dad fell off and died.
  16. Treezybreez

    When people try to do their own treework

    I have a friend who does HVAC work. She recently had a job for an elderly couple. While she was there, the topic of tree work came up and my friend gave the couple my contact info. It turns out that they never called me and the elderly man decided to do the work himself. I believe, (if I...
  17. Treezybreez

    Mistletoe on tilia tree

    My understanding of the way Mistletoe works, is that it tricks the tree into thinking it is part of the tree. Any branches on the outside of the infected location die. In my opinion that tree looks too far gone, but if you are willing to try to save it, I would do heading cuts behind the...
  18. Treezybreez


    It went for takeout at Autobell.
  19. Treezybreez

    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    Nice work Rico! But I'm surprised that you don't have a woven beer bottle holder, or side-D bottle opener options. ;)
  20. Treezybreez

    Found this dude spiking my trees today..

    How's your blood pressure Mark? ;)

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