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  1. Treezybreez

    Cant Hook

    What do you all recommend? Wood handle or solid metal?
  2. Treezybreez

    Traped in the corner

    Was taking apart our old Bosh dishwasher and noticed that a rubber link attached to the pump motor looked like a corner trap. It works great! So let's see your interesting corner traps.
  3. Treezybreez

    Pole Saws

    What do you recommend and why? What pole saws are durable/light. Thanks in advance!
  4. Treezybreez

    We are Frail.

    I was heading over to a residence to quote on some tree work today. When I reached the place, I noticed another tree company next door. They were all gathered around someone laying on the ground. Their climber "Willie" had just fallen approximately 30' from a pine tree. I am not sure exactly how...
  5. Treezybreez

    Stripped Spark Plug!

    So, I had a spark plug blow out on a fairly new 362 and it stripped the threads on the head. Is there a fix?
  6. Treezybreez

    Lock stitching accident

    Well, I was finishing up a splice tonight with lock stitching. Since I do not have a sailmaker's palm, I use the inside of a thimble to help push the needle through difficult areas in the throat of the splice. It's worked OK for a while until the eye of the needle went through the thimble into...
  7. Treezybreez

    Article on Recreational Tree climbing Thought some of you might like this article. I would love to see tree climbing become a normal activity that would be accepted in public parks.
  8. Treezybreez

    Looking for work in the Huntsville Arkansas aria

    My friend Robert Jackson is an expert at running the lowering lines. He made me look like a pro. People used to call me just for the show, since he moved away, they just call me for work. He is good at proper pruning, climbing, and understands safe work practices. He also has the ability to read...
  9. Treezybreez

    Warning, Painful Caterpillar!

    I was up in a Quercus laevis a couple days ago, when I spotted this Puss caterpillar. In a short period of time two others were discovered. When I was a boy living in South America I picked up a fuzzy looking caterpillar and rubbed it around my left hand. Instant pain like fire started in my...
  10. Treezybreez

    Looking for work near Kilgore or Longview area Texas

    I'm posting this for a friend, Matthew Berryman. He is safety minded, very skilled at any tree rigging scenario. He can climb and prune. He is top notch at running the lowering line. He knows all the knots. If you are a reputable company looking for the best, please give him a call at: (704)...
  11. Treezybreez

    Chain Brake Kills Saw

    My Stihl 201T all of a sudden started cutting off every time the chain brake was engaged. Also leaked bar oil excessively. It turned out to be a broken clutch spring. Fixed the problem by replacing the clutch. Hopefully this information helps anyone with the same saw symptoms.
  12. Treezybreez

    More Chain Saw Carving

    This guy is good.
  13. Treezybreez

    Charlie or George?

    I thought this video did a very good job of showing the two different mind sets. So, which one are you?
  14. Treezybreez

    Large White Oak Branches Breaking

    Lately I have been seeing a lot of Large White Oak leads tearing out for no apparent reason. The acorn crop this year is pretty good, but is that really enough to snap 6"+ diameter Oak branches? This does not appear to be an issue with included bark or decay.
  15. Treezybreez

    Death on Wheels

    Saw this on Craigslist. I can only picture a crazy clown towing this behind his creepy van. :payaso:
  16. Treezybreez

    Elm Graft

    Check out this dream catcher. I probably removed the best spider real estate around.
  17. Treezybreez

    Favorite Come-Along

    What is the best Come-Along out there? I remember a climber from Tennessee posted a link to a nice one a while back, but I can't seem to find it.
  18. Treezybreez

    Cool Bedroom for Kids!

    My mom sent this to me. Seems like it would be even cooler to use an actual tree trunk on each side of the bed.
  19. Treezybreez

    Wormy climber

    I have occasionally found earthworms living in soil that accumulates when plant matter composts in a branch crotch. I have always wondered how they got there until today. Pretty brave of the worm (or stupid) exposing itself to birds.
  20. Treezybreez


    Hey, with the cold weather coming I am looking for a new Jacket. What do you recommend for climbing in and why? The last Jacket I had would freeze my belly every time I would lift my arms. :frio:

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