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  1. Jan_

    Permanent Line

    I want to set myself 1-2 permanent lines that stay up in the canopy year-round so I can quickly pull my rope up. I dont know which cord to use though, it should ideally be: - cheap - nearly invisible - strong enough to pull up a rope - Abrasion resistant I dont know which cord fits those...
  2. Jan_

    11mm Teufelberger Patron treeAccess for SRT?

    Does anyone here have experience with 11mm Teufelberger Patron treeAccess? I'm thinking of getting a length of it for SRT rec climbing, it seems like a very reasonably priced rope with good charasteristics. Would you guys recommend it?
  3. Jan_

    American Chestnut and the Chestnut Blight

    So I recently learned about the Chestnut Blight that caused all grown Chestnuts to die. I heard that they tend to grow back from their stumps though, and that they then only get infected a couple of years into their lifespan. Now I wonder if the Blight still exists, and if the American Chestnuts...
  4. Jan_

    Two seperate lanyards

    Do you guys ever use 2 seperate lanyards instead of one single or double lanyard? I'm currently thinking about whether I should get a long 30-50" lanyard or a second 20-30" one. I think two seperate lanyards could be less cluttered and easier to use, but I'd like to hear some opinions from you guys.
  5. Jan_

    First time using the GoPro, and a fail: TIP over dead Limb...

    dropped about 6ft.
  6. Jan_

    New Petzl GriGri 3 (2019) vs old GriGri 2 (2015)

    I recently got my hands on the new GriGri 3, and I have not seen any direct comparisons to the old GriGri I figured I'd post one here. But first let me tell you why I think the GriGri is awesome: I love It for it's versatility, user-friendliness, reasonable price and compatability with small...
  7. Jan_

    Awesome tree camping videos- check out this YouTube channel This guy "TheTreeCamper" posts awesome videos of his tree climbing adventures, you should definitely check out his channel if you haven't already!
  8. Jan_

    "Tree climbing" shoe recommendations-lol

    I found this junk recommendation site on the web and had a good laugh about it, I thought you guys might like it: no.1 tree climbing shoes are apparently rubber boots! These sites make money by referring people to Amazon, which...
  9. Jan_

    RopeWrench on 10mm Rope

    The ISC RW ZK2 is rated for 11mm min. rope diameter, but has anybody tried it on 10mm? I think the ZK1 also worked on 10mm, is there really any big difference, apart from the smaller 8mm hitchcord required for 10mm rope?
  10. Jan_

    First german treebuzz rec climbing meetup

    Turns out the only german rec climber I have meet on here, @climbstihl, lives only 40km (25 miles) away from me, and is only 3 years older than I am! Today the weather got better and we finally met up and climbed in my local forest. We picked out a ~40m high beech tree and our final TIP sat at...
  11. Jan_

    Cheap SRT friction device for rope walking?

    I am a rec climber and I currently use a RADS system for climbing SRT. I would like to try ropewalking, but most friction devices available on the market are expensive >100€. Are there climbing systems that are less expensive? I have stumbled upon the f8 revolver, that method can be used with a...
  12. Jan_

    Taking photos up in the tree

    How do you guys take photos while you are in a tree? I am too scared of dropping a camera or phone, so I dont take photos. I would like to though, do you have any tipps for me?
  13. Jan_

    Carabiners for canopy anchors - crossloading and loading over edge

    Hello, I have found that a lot of people on this forum say using a carabiner as a canopy anchor is unsafe. The main concern is that the carabiner could be "cross loaded". I did a bit of research and the term "cross-loading" seems to only be used when the carabiner is loaded sideways (on the...
  14. Jan_

    Stop auto-conversion of smileys/emojis

    Hi, If I write a post and use a text smiley like : ) it converts it to an emoji. I dont like that, because text smileys are barely noticeable and blend in nicely with the text. Emojis on the other hand are these big yellow circles that shift lines and scream for attention. Can I stop this...
  15. Jan_

    hanging in lanyard/side D's hurts?

    Hello, If I want to advance my rope without standing on a branch I need to hang in my lanyard (15 feet 11mm rope, distel knot with pulley). If I attach it in my side D's my harness (skylotec record) hurts my hips or ribcage, depending on the angle I am hanging at. Is this normal, or is this...

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