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  1. Redtree

    2 Canadian, Ottawa-Gatineau tornados, ef2, ef3

    it happened friday the 21st. Anyone have any work pics or tree damage pics to post? otherwise its worth a YouTube search. I imagine there will be a lot of trees removed which are badly damaged but have complete potential to become good trees again in time. knee jerk reaction to cut down damaged...
  2. Redtree

    Reducing trees is unnatural?

    If reducing trees looks unnatural sometimes, so be it. Unnatural looking has little to do with unnatural. From the ice that reduced the trees, to the great reaction that the trees made, the ice storm looked unnatural, but was completely natural. When I reduce trees I sometimes use, as many...
  3. Redtree

    Pruning sales

    Right away I feel like I'm breaking some kind of unwritten rule. I've also learned that sharing can be progress. Apparently Germany may be better at this sharing knowledge thing. Perhaps most of Europe. Sort of a say what you think attitude. We've got it to but the eyes of competition sometimes...
  4. Redtree

    nature vs civilization

    Is it true that many arborists prefer thinning and or crown cleaning to reduction. One leaves the tree more natural but natural trees will do what they are designed to do, grow as fast as possible while having just enough taper to support the extension . Trees have to extend as much as the...

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