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    UK/I TCC

    Hi All sorry about the short notice but this years UK/I tcc is ging to be held saturday 30thApri/sunday 1st May at the rural life center in surrey, gear check on the friday locationweb page you can find out the details of the event on the tcc pages of the uk/i web site web page and the entry...
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    2008 rules

    Hi All just to let you know that this years rules are done, sorry that there a little later than usual. the scoring program has also been updated
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    new scoring program

    so for those who are interested, the New program is up for down load on the isa site it might take a minute or so to get through as its 2.4 MB. if you have any coments or questions let me know
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    oak processionnary caterpillars

    Hi all not had any post in this area before and i a bit green on my bugs and cruds but i'm starting to look into controlling oak processionnary caterpillars with pheromone traps when the change, have any of you had any success with this? or got any other ideas cheers j
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    plant for the planet

    long term planning starting now. keep us in work for ever
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    2007 Rules

    the lastest ITCC 2007 rules
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    tree saves mans life

    here's one lucky guy and an unlucky tree
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    UK and Ireland comps

    the season looking full, here's the link to the UK&I TCC home page, for all the info, web page hope to see some more new faces this year, if any of you guys are going to the europeans, the Irish comp is the following weekend, so i'm making a week of it.see you there craig
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    spirit of the competition

    For those not at the ITCC, there is now another new award, the 'spirit of the compition' . this person is chosen by the judges and tec's on the day as who they think most fits the criteria. i hope it takes on its own meaning and in what its about, and becomes part of the competition, attached...
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    new rules

    for all you serious itcc climbers the new rules will be out 2nd week in january.
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    UK/I chapter comps

    There are to be four competitions this season as always- Welsh Open Cardiff, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May (2 day event) - Scottish Open Perth as part of the Scottish Woodfair event, Saturday 15th May (1 day event) - Irish Open, Ballyhaise Agri College Co Cavan, Saturday 29th and Sunday...

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