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  1. KentuckySawyer

    Kentucky TCC Results

    Masters winners: Lily Soderlund WINNER!! Jess Engle 2nd Place (First TCC!!) Cory Petry Winner David George 2nd Place (first TCC!) Ian Martin 3rd Place Big thanks to all the volunteers that make comps possible!
  2. KentuckySawyer

    Aerial rescue poll

    I'm curious about the frequency of instances requiring the aerial rescue a co-worker. If you have performed a rescue, I'd be curious about... -How many have you done? -The general circumstances surrounding the event. -How did it go? -Were you prepared? THANKS!
  3. KentuckySawyer

    Charlotte TCC's can of worms

    Curious about others thoughts on this update for the Charlotte TCC. Particularly the no basal anchorage and no natural redirects rule...
  4. KentuckySawyer

    Limbwalker hiring in Louisville, KY

    Join me, and together we’ll rule the galaxy!! Limbwalker is looking for Crew Leaders ($22-26/hr + benefits) and Climbers ($18-23/hr + benefits). If you’re interested, please follow the link below to our employment application and return it to the specified address for review...
  5. KentuckySawyer

    Negative Blocking

  6. KentuckySawyer

    Manual removal with rigging wrench & double whip

    Rigging wrench, double whip, and sweet tunes... you know you want to watch.
  7. KentuckySawyer

    Pin Oak removal w/ rigging hub

  8. KentuckySawyer

    Big Decroded Beech removal

    Video of a 110-120' tall Beech we removed recently. Fresh music from G Cush on
  9. KentuckySawyer

    2015 KentuckyTCC!

    The Kentucky Arborist Association's Tree Climbing Championship is fast approaching! How do you like this advance image of the 2016 shirt design? As with any TCC, we are heavily dependent on our volunteers to setup and run a high quality event. If you are interested in volunteering or competing...
  10. KentuckySawyer

    Storm damaged Hickory

    A job we did last Friday. SRT, DRT, GRCS, Hickory, Crane, wind chimes and birds...
  11. KentuckySawyer

    Counterfeit Limbwalker

    There is a company in Ohio (and perhaps elsewhere) that is actively trying to associate their shoddy, unethical work with my company. They are pulling all of the plays from the black market playbook: soliciting work door-to-door, asking for cash payment, tax evasion, workers not wearing personal...
  12. KentuckySawyer

    Broken Limb Removal

    This video shows a Limbwalker crew removing a broken limb that was lodged in two trees. Broken Limb Removal
  13. KentuckySawyer

    Rope Installation

    Fresh from the video kitchen at the House of Limbwallker Rope Installation
  14. KentuckySawyer

    Removals with 200 ton crane

    Here is the first video I made of a job we did a couple years ago using a 200 ton crane.
  15. KentuckySawyer

    As cool as stump grinding can look

    Finished up another project this morning. Stump Life
  16. KentuckySawyer

    Big Transplanting Job

    You can check out a video of a large transplanting job that Limbwalker started this winter.
  17. KentuckySawyer

    ISC Rope Wrench

    The Rope Wrench has been approved for use in ITCC events according to ISC's instructions.
  18. KentuckySawyer

    Arbotect macro infusion unit w/ partial Arbotect jug

    Pretty much what the description says. We are selling a used Macro infusion unit for the Arbotect system. Includes extra drill bits and spare parts for the unit. Also included is a "slightly used" gallon of Arbotect (probably 4/5 ths of a gallon are present). Selling the whole lot for $425...
  19. KentuckySawyer

    "Space" Cushing removes a declining Sweet Gum

    This wasn't a particularly hairy removal, but it was in a tight spot and required the climber to rig most all of the tree out.
  20. KentuckySawyer

    Ash removals with 100 ton crane

    I've posted this video on Facebook, but with music that allows it to be viewable on mobile devices. Apparently Ludwig von Beethoven isn't as uptight about people using his music as some other artists!

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