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    Working on a project in the Uk that may require the use of an "indoor tree" such as those utilised as TCI for demos etc. Does anyone have any pictures they can email me of the tree set up at TCI, it makes no odds if climbers are in the photos.
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    I would be most gratfeul if anyone has any articles/information/publications etc in regard to the use of shunts, could they direct them this way or point me in the right direction.
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    Stihl Trousers

    Thought the Uk guys may be interested. HiFlex Full Stretch Protective Clothing FASHIONABLE CLOTHING FOR THE PROFESSIONAL ARBORIST Complies to type "C" All Round Protection Made With Only 6 Layers Of Protection Making These Trousers Truly Lightweight Kevlar Reinforced Protection On The...
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    Three way action krabs

    Called in again this last week to look at an incident involving the possible failure of a three way action karabiner, regardless of the state of the equipment, or the climbers climbing style, what is obvious was that no pre-use inspection of the equipment took place, i strongly believe that if...
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    Friction hitch pics

    All, Just wanted to know if anyone can help, been doing quite a few demos recently at trade shows over here (Uk) and we get asked time and time again how to tie this friction hitch or that one. So i thought it might be nice to put a bit of a handout together so that we can just give it out...
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    Karabiner research

    A piece of information from over the pond, three way action karabiner research published today
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    Rope cleaning

    Just a quick question really to ask how often people wash there ropes and how they go about it. Have been using a beal rope washing liquid on a 30 degree wash. Put the rope in a pillow case and allow the cycle to go through but not to spin out. The rope can then be hung and is dry in an hour...
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    Clue 'e'

    Clue \'e\' Just wondered if anyone had ever heard of a bit of kit known as a clue 'e' i have written it like that as that is is how it soumds when you say it clue e, the spelling may be wrong so if i can be corected - great, basically from what i have been told it is a deaf figure of eight with...
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    ISA UK&I Chapter TCC Results

    Having just finished the TCC season over here with the Scottish competiton in Dundee, thought i would post the results for those of you interested - some of you may know a few names. And yes, six comps is quite a lot to run, but we have a good group of techs/judges - some very good climbers and...

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