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  1. chep

    WtB mulch bucket for boxer 320

    Hi looking for a bucket for my boxer 320 mini in Vermont. Woodchips, compost etc. Lighter is prob better for my application Used preferred but new is an option I guess. Take a look around the yard and let me know! Be safe
  2. chep

    Lucas 6-18 sawmill and 50"slabber

    have a 2001 Lucas 6 18 sawmill for sale. I have decided to upgrade mills (a bigger Lucas mill). So my old mill has got to go. Comes with 4 circle saw blades (1 very new) 50 inch slabber. Brand new bar (only a couple logs on it) 6 or 7 chains Newer battery (electric start) I am the 2nd owner and...
  3. chep

    WTB forks for boxer 320 mini skid

    Title says it all. Would like to find a set in new england. But willing to pay shipping from elsewhere. Thanks!
  4. chep

    Ms 661 full wrap handle

    I have almost a brandy new one on. I don't Ike it. Mostly logging. It gets caught up in the snow can't fit in the machines and is heavy! I would like to trade handles with someone. Half wrap only. I will pay shipping on the whole transaction. I am using the saw everyday so I I need your half...
  5. chep

    Pacific helmet: Looking for compatible face shield

    I got the Pacific Helmet.It is great. But the peltor setup is a complete failure with the helmet. The earmuffs are fine, but the faceshield hits me in the chin... the angle of attatchment is botched! I have tried doing all sorts of terrible things to the screen to get it to set right, and it...
  6. chep

    Setting retaining lines on leaning trees

    Due to 2 recent incidences, 1 job was mine 1 wasnt. Where property damage (minimal) occurred on side leaning trees. On was a whole tree flop, and the other a side and back leaning spar. Both incidences ended with hinge failure. And although the damages were minimal I was mortified at the thought...
  7. chep


    Hi, Im thinking of buying a chip truck from TriState Forestry. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks in advance
  8. chep

    Bandit 150 feed problems

    1997 Bandit 150. Infeed is eating brush like a turd. 4000hrs plus. Can only handle 2-3 inch material. Can you help me trouble shoot. I feel like I am up to speed maintinence wise... Are my hyd motors bad? How do I test them? Thanks
  9. chep

    Gasoline vs Diesel in a chip truck

    Can anyone comment on their experiences with a gas vs diesel chip truck. Currently I have a Ford F350 with a 7.3 powerstroke diesel. Unfortunatly this truck is rotting to pieces. I am looking at other Fords with their V10 Gas motor. I pull a Bandit 150, and a trailer sometimes. Up and down a...
  10. chep

    Bandit 150 replacement panels

    I have a 97 Bandit 150. The panel that holds sits in front of the radiator and holds the window screen is rotting out. Curious of any opinions on replacing that panel. Should I have my local welder fab up a new one? or go through Bandit? Or are there any aftermarket suppliers that anyone knows...
  11. chep

    Grizzly Splice Covering

    I have some beeline 10mm and its grizzly spliced for use as an eye to eye cord. It got crossed up somewhere and the heat shrink covering got ripped with zero damage to the stitching. Is it ok to remove the heat shrink stuff. I assume its not structural in this setup? But wanted to check. thanks
  12. chep

    Variagated Norway maple

    I have a client who is in love with this tree. Acer platanoides 'Drummondi'. It is a Norway maple with the margins of the leaves being white. She really wants one in the yard, and asked me my opinion. I told her about Norway invasiveness, and their undeniable evil traits. But I was curious if...
  13. chep

    rope bridge replacement choice

    Can anyone recommend a rope for replacing the bridge on my Weaver Cougar? Please say why you like it. Thanks
  14. chep

    Revolver and Hitchclimber compatability

    DMM makes great equipment. I use many of their products. My only beef is that the locking revolver does not fit through the holes in the hitchclimber. I would use that little bugger of a biner way more if it did... whats up with that. Its the same company. Seems like a no brainer to me I have...
  15. chep

    Climbing dead elm

    When I was at Paul Smiths College, my small engines instructor (also a wood science guru)made this statement "Never climb a dead elm tree!" He was speaking to the Urban tree management students in the class. Now, I just got a job today which will certainly involve climbing a dead elm. Its...
  16. chep

    credit card

    I am looking for input on a credit card suited well for an arborist. By that I mean rewards wise. A home depot credit card is useful to builders because they earn points n such towards future purchases. Are there any credit cards out there that seem geared towards us? Creativity counts. thanks
  17. chep

    snow drag. booooo

    Inspire me with ways to move volumes of brush up, down or across hills in the snow. please.
  18. chep

    view o the day

    Killed poplars on Galusha Hill in Topsham, VT today. The view is looking east down into the Connecticut River Valley into the White Mountains of NH.
  19. chep


    I am very scared of electricity! I have gotten a contract doing some municiple work. Lots of the trees have wires running through them or pretty close. I know what the primary looks like. There are phone, cable and then the service drops to houses. Thats all I got. As of now, I give them a...
  20. chep

    Cinder conk

    On a 2 leadered yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis) in a clients drive is pretty extreme Cinder conk (Inonotus obliquus). It has affected over 1/4 of the stem at 5 feet, maybe 16 inches diameter. Now, it is not present on the second leader, the trees split at about 2 feet above the ground. The...

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